PowerPoint service providers in comparison – what to look for when choosing the right agency

In Germany, there are a large number of PowerPoint services. Interested customers can choose between individual companies, smaller agencies to large agencies. But which PowerPoint service provider is the right one for your own needs? We give you a little guide on how to find the right service provider for you


When companies or organizations need high-quality presentations, they often hire external PowerPoint service providers. But as large as the range of service offerings on the market may be, it is unfortunately also confusing. The question of which offer is the most suitable is not so easy to answer – because the answer depends on what goal is above the order.

The occasion determines whether you need an external PowerPoint service provider


Presentations are now one of the skills that are almost constantly needed in the modern business world. For example, it starts with a small status report at the internal team meeting. On this occasion, you will certainly not think of involving an external agency. But at the next level, perhaps a specialist department presents to other department heads or the board of directors. Here, it is not only a matter of approval of one’s own work. If mistakes are made, the reputation of the department concerned and the reputation of the department head quickly take center stage. At this point, PowerPoint service providers are increasingly involved as consultants – and at the latest when external presentation comes into play, you can hardly get around specialized agencies.

Your own objectives determine the selection of PowerPoint service providers


So there are many different reasons for creating a presentation – and thus the level of difficulty differs from case to case. A large medium-sized company may have its own marketing department with sufficient technical know-how. In that case, it is sufficient for external specialists to be available only in an advisory capacity. Smaller companies or individual entrepreneurs, however, will quickly discover that it is almost impossible to build up and maintain the expertise required today for a successful presentation. The quality requirements and the expectations of the audience have changed too much in recent years for that.

A presentation is never an end in itself. It is always about achieving important goals. For example, building a positive image, selling services or convincing a target group.


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Only a truly first-class presentation will give you the desired first-class results in this case. Let’s compare nowwhen which type of PowerPoint service provider is worthwhile.

Letting marketing agencies create presentations.

Of course, large marketing and advertising agencies also offer PowerPoint as a service. But it is rather rarely the case that an employee there exclusively takes care of your presentation or that you can benefit from extensive advice. The question of which offer is the most suitable is not so Aeasy to answer – because the answer depends on what goal is above the order.

Individual companies and small agencies as PowerPoint service providers


In this category, large differences in quality can be found. From moderately experienced one-man companies to small teams of experts, everything is represented here. Often, PowerPoint slide sets are created or revised according to the customer’s specifications. Consulting services range from “Nonexistent” to “Very Good.” Compared to marketing agencies, these providers only work in the area of presentations and therefore you benefit from more hands-on experience.


The full-service agencies


You will find the most comprehensive services with these providers. You can recognize good full-service agencies during the first briefing conversation. Real professionals take a lot of time to precisely record the company with its special challenges, the presentation occasion and the target group. This is followed, if desired, by an individual offer, professional project management and a presentation tailored to the customer’s needs.

Each subarea is represented by experts: In addition to design professionals, you will also find specialists for videos or animations, psychologists and accomplished presentation trainers. These agencies also look after the professional appearance of the presenter – because if you have to speak in front of a larger auditorium or in front of important decision-makers, it’s no longer enough to have pretty slides. Your way of presenting, your rhetoric, gestures and facial expressions are also essential factors for the success of your presentation.


To this end, full-service PowerPoint providers offer targeted training that transforms inexperienced speakers into good ones and good speakers into excellent ones. Just a few hours will bring amazing results.  Here, professional dramaturgy, a precise schedule and a really convincing slide design are indispensable. After all, your audience’s attention should be on you throughout. Facts must be presented in an absolutely convincing manner. The auditorium must also be led emotionally and brought to the desired insights. If the result is to be completely convincing, then nothing can be left to chance here. This is where full-service agencies offer all the necessary help.

Premium presentation agencies


The term high-end agencies or premium presentation agencies describes a category of PowerPoint service providers that offer you special expertise and decisive advantages in addition to the usual offerings:

  • Particularly innovative technical capabilities that are largely unrivaled within the industry
  • .
  • Strong focus on continuing education for their employees and recruiting additional experts to maintain their edge
  • .
  • Technical innovations and advancements that often set trends for the entire industry – for example, new presentation techniques, special effects and tools
  • .

It is not uncommon for the development of an exclusive presentation for a client to result in completely new, never-before-seen solutions that clients can use to maximize presentation success for their goals. The challenge for these types of PowerPoint service providers is usually to produce results for their clients that are outstanding in every way. In this way, absolute world firsts are always created in the presentation market. Hiring premium expert teams usually aims at creating a presentation with “wow effect


Especially in the field of premium products, companies definitely want to differentiate themselves from competitors who are also exclusive. With premium presentations, you can positively surprise even the most demanding audience and inspire them for the long term.

Even in medium-sized businesses, the demand for a highly professional PowerPoint service provider

is increasing.

Meanwhile, it’s by no means just premium brands that are asking for high-tech presentations. In medium-sized businesses, the demand for quality presentations is rising sharply, because of course the competition does not sleep and the pressure from competitors is increasing. Presentations should convey competence, advantage, quality and above all positive emotions to the audience. The unconditional achievement of corporate goals has become a driving factor in the selection of PowerPoint service providers. That’s why it’s so important to look carefully when making this decision.

However, it is not just the pressure on companies to achieve results in meeting presentation goals that is driving the use of premium agencies. Demand has also increased sharply in recent years because many companies and event organizers have seen a declining attention span among their audiences. In order to keep your audience captivated throughout a presentation, innovative presentation techniques must be used. Therefore, the need for premium presentation agencies will continue to increase.


How to find good PowerPoint service providers?

You can ask on social media, such as XING or Linkedin your contacts or in the regional groups if someone can give you a tip. Of course, you can also start a search query on Google and enter “PowerPoint service provider Darmstadt” or “PowerPoint agency Frankfurt”, for example. You will then be shown a whole range of results. Study the Internet presence and take the time to have a personal conversation with several providers. Write down in advance what you would like to know and formulate in short sentences what exactly you need. Ask exactly about the offer, the procedure and references.


Our conclusion: there is a suitable PowerPoint service provider for every requirement. With the hints from this article, it should not be difficult for you to go on a targeted search for the next upcoming presentation. We wish you every success!


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