We all know it: important projects, deadline pressure and lack of time. While you’re lost in work, you’re briefly assigned the task of creating or updating your own company presentation for a meeting with a new client. The Company presentation is usually a popular is therefore usually a popular task for trainees or interns when one lacks the necessary time oneself. Often, however, different presentations in the company and overcrowded presentation slides are the result. Instead of an appealing, effective, high-quality and professional company presentation that impressively conveys your company’s image, your presentation is ineffective and confusing. But that’s over now!


Your company presentation from smavicon could look like this

You want to have a professional company presentation created by a professional? Then you have found the right partner at your side! We at smavicon Best Business Presentations save you and your employees valuable time and optimize the outcome of your company presentation. Do you want a professional company presentation that is effective, high-quality and exciting, and with which you can attract customers in the longer term?

Are you looking for a professional who will create a professional company presentation for you that underlines your competencies, has recognition value, puts your products or services in the right light professionally, is of the highest quality and with which you stand out from competitors in the market? Then you are in the right place with us! With us you will get a professional company presentation that will inspire and convince your customers!


Why you should let us create your professional company presentation

We are the best choice if you want to have a high-quality, unique and professional company presentation created that will impress and convince your customers! While you can relax and devote yourself to your core business, we take the effort off your hands and work flat out on your presentation. Our Services range from consulting and joint conception, design, revision and refinement of your existing corporate presentation, creation of templates and master slides to  animation, proofreading and translation of your presentation.

Examples of our successfully implemented presentations including animated slides can be found at HERE. Take a look around, let us convince you and ask us for your company presentation.

Hybrid efficiency test


After (static)

After (animated PowerPoint slide)

Valve innovation


After (static)

After (animated PowerPoint slide)

Click on the button to see more examples of our successfully implemented presentations. Take a look around, let us convince you and ask us to create your professional company presentation.


Your benefit

Your benefit? Let smavicon create your professional company presentation and get unique presentations that everyone will benefit from. With us you save valuable time, get an optimal result and get a presentation that your customers will remember for a long time.

Gone are the days of different presentations in your company and hours of layout customization. We will create a professional company presentation for you with clear, consistent, modern and innovative templates and master slides. With our templates, adapted to your company’s corporate design, you will get a high-quality, impressive and professional company presentation that will increase your image impact and help build your brand.

You deal with raw data, facts, figures and do not know how to present them in an interesting way? No problem for us! With creative ideas, we refine and optimize your company presentation in terms of texts, figures, images, graphics, tables, diagrams, etc. and skillfully put them in the spotlight. This way you will not only impress and win new customers, but at the same time increase the number of orders and increase your sales.

You operate with your company in the international market and need your professional company presentation in other languages? We can do that too! When you have your company presentation created by us, you can be sure that your presentation will be created flawlessly in other languages as well. We give multilingual presentations to our translation partner, who works reliably, promptly and with translators who are local or close to the industry, so that you can present professionally in any language.


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