If your focus is on innovative, effective and convincing presentations, we are the right partner. We create professional presentations, revise and refine existing PowerPoint presentations.

Our aim is to support you in your presentation in such a way that you present more impressively, your messages are remembered more lastingly and your audience is enthusiastic!

Starting with the concept, dramaturgy, content, argumentation, idea development, design, templates in PowerPoint, keynote, zooming presentations, prezis, preziPoints, staging and performance coaching.

With an smavicon presentation you not only increase your image effect and turnover (sales presentation), but also increase the number of orders (ROI-based presentations). Furthermore, you convey your training contents better and are guaranteed to get to the point.

Consulting and conception are of highest importance for the creation of a presentation. Together with you we develop the foundation of your presentation.
Using your ideas and our know-how, we create impressive and unique PowerPoint presentations. The spectrum ranges from simple slides to high-end slides. We can also create a complete slide library for you.
With creative ideas and knowledge of effectiveness we refine your slides with regard to texts, figures, pictures, graphics, tables, diagrams etc.
You already have a finished presentation, but it still lacks the necessary finishing touches? We will revise your presentation in such a way that you will achieve an optimum result.
We create modern, innovative templates and master slides for your company presentations. With our templates you can easily and quickly create appealing and exciting PowerPoint presentations in your corporate design.
PowerPoint Movies are fully animated PowerPoint slides, where you see almost no difference to a video. With PowerPoint Movies you can quickly and easily create interesting videos – and all this with professional sound and narration. And best of all, they can also be edited and adapted afterwards.
Let yourself be inspired by 3D animated films. You can view objects from any angle, fly through them or fly around them.
Inspire with numbers! We visualise complex content in an appealing and understandable way and skilfully present your figures, data and facts.
With the Zooming Presentation we offer you a new possibility of presentation. Become active while presenting by zooming in, out, moving, moving around etc. and activate your audience.
Silent Moodos, Holographic PowerPoints, 3D stereo presentations or the PowerPoint Burger Bar With more than 20 innovations, we are breaking new ground in terms of presentations.
You need help with your event? We support you with the complete setup and technical implementation directly at the event location. So you can relax and devote yourself to your presentation while we take care of the technology for you.
We offer on-site support during your event or at your company. Our professionals work live on site at the presentation, respond individually to your questions and problems and are continuously available for further questions. As a customer, you benefit from shorter communication channels, greater efficiency and faster and better results.
We give multilingual presentations to our translation partner, who works reliably, promptly and with local or industry-related translators, so that you can present professionally in any language.
Sometimes it is the case that the company is working on special internal topics. In a workshop it is easier to rethink or rework topics. In a workshop you have a mix of live optimization of your topics, training and coaching – individually tailored to your content.
Would you like to improve your PowerPoint skills and abilities? You would like to get professional and innovative tips on how to present your work? Would you like to learn the latest presentation and design trends? Then our open PowerPoint and presentation training courses are just right for you.