Do you have the right slide design for your next PowerPoint presentation?

It could be so simple: You start PowerPoint, select a design template from the menu that appeals to you at first glance, and off you go with the first slide. Unfortunately, this is not how it usually works. If you want to choose or create the right foil design, you need to consider a whole range of factors. Only in this way will your PowerPoint presentation be a success.

Is the right slide design really that important for a PowerPoint presentation? Doesn’t it depend much more on the content? This question is asked time and time again by presenters who are struggling to get their PowerPoint presentation right. Of course, the greatest design is of no use at all if there is little on your slides that is interesting to your audience. Design certainly accounts for only part of the success. And, of course, there are top aces among presenters who give brilliant presentations consisting only of white slides, each showing only a single word. But you really have to master this kind of design minimalism perfectly if you want to be successful with it. And such a design must also fit the content of the presentation and the target audience. You can spin it any way you want, but you won’t be able to make a really good PowerPoint presentation without the right slide design.

First aid for your presentation: the PowerPoint design templates

Before you completely fall into despair, the PowerPoint software quickly offers you first help. Here you can get inspired by the deposited design ideas. Simply go to “Design” in the menu bar and then to “Select design ideas”. A great advantage of this solution is that the designs are, of course, created by real designers and to that extent they work. The big downside is that the options are somewhat limited and you are using an “off the shelf” design. A design that many others also use. You won’t exactly attract positive attention with this solution.

Third-Party PowerPoint Design Templates

There are countless offers for design templates on the Internet. Some are free, some are not. Some have a very high level, other designs are not really recommended. Those without knowledge of PowerPoint design quickly find themselves somewhat helpless in front of the confusing offers. So how do you come up with a solution now?

Best to ask the design expert?

Asking for advice from a design expert will go a long way toward finding a solution. He knows his stuff, because developing the right film design is his job. This professional will then be commissioned by you to develop a design for you. This will give you a professional design template for your presentation. But what you have now may be just a modern design, combined with the personal taste of the foil designer. But is this really the best solution for you?

The PowerPoint agency: the best decision for the right slide design!

Professionally designed slides require not only extensive knowledge of how to use the appropriate graphics program. Of great importance is also the right background knowledge about target groups, messages and about the company that presents. This is where the expert knowledge of a professional PowerPoint agency comes in handy. In doing so, the PowerPoint agency uses the extensive experience gained from countless successful customer projects. The experts know how best to communicate different content to different target groups. Professional presentation agencies will actively involve you in the decision-making process. 

Consultants get a clear picture of your topic, presentation lines and audience in advance. What is the expectation of the audience? What are their desires or goals? The target groups are thoroughly screened, as well as the current or desired appearance of the client. On the basis of this preliminary work, the right foil design is then developed in consultation with you. You always make the final decision yourself. But with this approach, you have the secure basis to make the truly perfect choice.


Picking the right foil design can be quite a tricky business. Mediocre or poor designs can devalue your presentation in the eyes of the audience. With the help of a PowerPoint agency, you can quickly find the custom design for your next presentation.