“Make or Buy”: When is it worth working with a presentation agency?

Working with PowerPoint is one of the basic skills in the working world today. Although virtually every entrepreneur and employee has already worked with this program, but few will have real expert knowledge. But on which occasions is pure user knowledge sufficient and when are real professionals required? Why might it make sense to hire a presentation agency?

In a medium-sized company, there are usually many employees who are able to create and hold a PowerPoint presentation. Whether it is about presenting status reports or work results, or moderating projects and working groups: Almost always some slides are shown for better explanation. If something doesn’t go right in the process, it may scratch the internal reputation of the presenter, but lasting damage is unlikely to result. The matter is quite different when a presentation is to be made to customers, influencers, business partners or professional bodies. When it comes to external presentation, you had better not afford any slip-ups. This can quickly cause serious damage to your image with financial losses.

Good presentations today are no longer good enough

A presentation is never an end in itself. It should be as convincing as possible and positively influence the audience in the desired direction. An entrepreneur, marketer, trainer or manager who starts with a presentation always wants to achieve the best possible result. For this purpose, however, the content, form and design of the presentation must be one hundred percent correct and coordinated.

Unfortunately, PowerPoint presentations today have reached such a high quality in total that already a “merely” good presentation is no longer sufficient. The audience sees on average many presentations and can recognize qualitative differences well. The expectations towards the presenter are correspondingly high. And an audience, which one “loses” during the lecture by awkward and unprofessional moderation, one wins back hardly again.

The speaker must merge thus its messages skillfully with the shown slides to a successful total result. From the first to the last minute, the presentation must maintain a top level. The expertise required to create professional business presentations tends to be underestimated – because including a few graphics on slides in a slide master does not make a good presentation. To achieve this, extensive knowledge of psychology, design, storytelling, rhetoric and technical know-how is now required. But even if the entrepreneur, his employees or his team assistant have attended PowerPoint training courses, this knowledge is usually not enough when it comes to important topics and convincing significant target groups.


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The higher the level, the more important expert knowledge becomes


A while ago, it was enough if PowerPoint slides contained some bullet points and tables. But due to the increasing spread of the program, there were more and more users every year. It is estimated that 30 million presentations are given every day. The increasing usage did two things:


1. Almost all people in the workforce regularly attend presentations.
2. At the same time, a small elite has emerged that has successfully used its specialized knowledge to stand out from the crowd. These experts gradually raised the level up.
Whoever saw how large companies presented their products with the help of professionals wanted that for their business as well. Soon, medium-sized companies also hired presentation agencies to plan and implement their presentations. As a result, the competition had to follow suit at some point. As a result, the quality requirements are now very high.

The audience is increasingly increasing the pressure on presenters


Today we live in a time when we are bombarded with information from all kinds of channels. It is estimated that the average German has to process around 6,000 pieces of information of various kinds every day. This is increasingly becoming a burden and leads to a continuous decrease in attention span. At the same time, a brain that is overloaded with information requires special stimulation in order to be open to further information. It doesn’t matter whether the target group consists of schoolchildren or corporate executives. All presenters today are therefore faced with the challenge of keeping the audience “in the mood.”

More and more people have seen excellent presentations and notice the difference to mass-produced goods. Today, no one can stand the infamous “slide battles” with 50 or more slides. Important information must be brought quickly to the point and presented in an interesting way. The audience’s attention must be captured from the first minute and maintained throughout the presentation. Messages must be conveyed in an absolutely convincing manner.

Eight reasons why you should consult a presentation agency for your external presentation


There are no second chances for first impressions. A failed presentation can have a lasting negative impact on your relationship with your audience. You put a lot of energy into your company and want to convince target groups with high quality. Therefore, all presentations that serve the external presentation should also have a top quality. If you want to convince your audience, you have to present yourself excellently. You should not leave the effect on your target group to chance, but involve strong partners in your project. Eight reasons speak especially for the cooperation with presentation professionals.

Reason 1: You get the concentrated knowledge of the entire agency


A good agency employs a variety of professionals who bring different areas of focus to the table when it comes to presentations. There are experts in film, animation, or graphics. There are also professionals in rhetoric, sales psychology, augmented reality, etc. So you don’t just get PowerPoint connoisseurs, you get a team that really has the full range of expertise around presentations.

Reason 2: You get exactly the presentation you really need


A good presentation agency will have a detailed briefing discussion with you. Only when it has been understood what your concern is and what offers you are offering, only when your target group with its wishes and needs has been fully grasped, does the actual work begin. Therefore, you will never receive a standard set of slides, but rather a presentation that is precisely tailored to your goals, which will help you achieve maximum success.

Reason 3: Complete expertise in current presentation programs


A presentation agency gets everything out of the software of PowerPoint and Co. All functions, all tricks, all updates of the respective software are part of the daily routine of the agency.

Reason 4: Incorporating the latest presentation trends


Trends are changing in presentations as well. Designs evolve, adapt to the market, or become obsolete. A modern, up-to-date design for your presentation is thus always guaranteed.

Reason 5: Extensive expertise in sales psychology


How to prepare information so that the target audience is really convinced and how individual pieces of information are really internalized is something that good presentation agencies know. Often the team has extensive experience in sales psychology. In some cases, there are collaborations with neurologists and psychologists to research how content needs to be conveyed in “brain-friendly” language.

Reason 6: Professional audience targeting


Every audience, every target group needs a unique approach. Students need to receive a different presentation than decision-makers. Controllers “tick” a little differently than actors, for example. Each individual group needs a tailored presentation if success is to be ensured. This requires a lot of experience and expertise.

Reason 7: Tailored training for presenters


A presentation can only be as good as the speaker who delivers it. Even experienced speakers can make a number of serious mistakes. The presentation agency offers individual training for presenters, which in a very short time brings about a tremendous increase in their own skills. In this way, the audience is addressed optimally from the first minute to the end of the presentation.

Reason 8: You save time and your own manpower


When you have a PowerPoint presentation created, a presentation agency offers you faster, more efficient processes. Fewer personnel need to be tied up on the company side. Employees can focus on their core tasks.

Our conclusion: if your PowerPoint presentations go beyond monthly reports to your own team, it is well worth hiring a professional presentation agency. You can then not only rely on a first-class presentation basis, but also have the attention and enthusiasm of your audience virtually already in your pocket



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