Choosing the right PowerPoint agency

If you want to have a PowerPoint presentation professionally created, choosing the right service provider is a crucial first step. There is no shortage of specialist agencies. But only a PowerPoint agency that can provide professional support in all aspects of a presentation is a suitable partner for your presentation success.

When is a service provider too expensive? Perhaps you have also asked yourself this question. Many years ago, I found an answer that seems right to me: If the costs are not in reasonable proportion to the benefits provided, a service provider is not worthwhile. So if you want to have effective presentations created, it costs money. But with the right PowerPoint agency, you will definitely get a return on your investment. But what knowledge and skills does an agency need to make your next presentation the greatest possible success?

The three most important success factors of every PowerPoint presentation

The success of your presentation depends on three basic factors: The right content, the right design and a speaker who presents the individual slides perfectly. You really need to achieve top results in all three areas for the overall result to be successful.

So you need a service provider who can do much more than just design slides. Only a full-service agency will be able to create a professional presentation for you from a single source. This agency needs to have an extensive briefing conversation with the executive team to tease out the right content and messaging. She needs to know which film design will achieve the most convincing result. And she must be able to train the speaker to present in a truly persuasive manner. These three factors must be harmoniously combined in order for you to have the success you desire.

The right content and messages

A professional agency will always attach great importance to a detailed briefing discussion at the beginning of the work. This conversation is about really understanding the company. What is the company history, what services are provided, what values and self-image does the company want to convey. Of great importance is, of course, which target group is to be addressed. Only then does the presentation agency understand which messages need to be inserted into the presentation and in what way. Agencies that do not take the time to have this conversation will not be able to properly understand the client and their target audience. If work is done unprofessionally at this early stage, the overall result cannot possibly be optimal.

Choosing the right designs and media

Only when it is clear what kind of company is to be presented, what content is to be conveyed and who the target group is, can the right design be worked out. There is a big difference between Porsche wanting to present a new car model and Frosta wanting to promote a new organic vegetable pan. The design must fit the respective company and the content. What messages should be conveyed? What emotions should be triggered in the target group? The agency must consider which images, animations or videos might fit the message and where to insert them. Extensive knowledge of neuroscience and advertising psychology is a great advantage. What information needs to be presented and in what way to trigger the desired feelings in the audience? If they are going to have an agency create PowerPoint slides, make sure that the great design proposals are based on a well thought out strategy. For example, if you are simply having your existing PowerPoint design changed to introduce a new “look”, then you shouldn’t have too many expectations about the effect it will have on your audience. Without a well thought-out strategy, a few “cool” effects won’t do too much.

No successful presentation without a good presenter

Many companies use their agency’s services only until a PowerPoint slide deck is completed. But that is only half the story. The most sensational presentation can fail if the speaker is not able to present each slide properly. Your PowerPoint service provider should be able to get the speaker ready for the presentation. If your agency offers appropriate training, you should take advantage of the offer. Even a few hours of one-on-one work with a presentation professional, will yield great results. Sometimes an experienced executive just needs a few extra insider tips to elevate his or her presentation performance from “good” to “very good.” Employees who could use more routine in the area of presentation will be able to improve their performance decisively through training.

How do I find a good PowerPoint agency?

In any case, a good agency should professionally cover all areas of the topic “presentation”. If only partial aspects are offered, your presentation can only partially achieve the best possible result. Take the time for a detailed conversation and feel the presentation agency “on the tooth”. What subtopics have been worked for, what are the success stories, what is the process for creating a presentation? If you take your time, you will not run the risk of ending up with an agency that was too expensive in terms of the final result.

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