Have PowerPoint presentation created: the 11 biggest advantages

Do it yourself or buy it? The production of PowerPoint presentations presents entrepreneurs with important strategic considerations. The wrong decision can either cost a lot of money or cause a significant loss of image. When things go really bad, both occur. But how can a debacle be avoided and does it make sense to hire an external PowerPoint agency? Our eleven reasons!

Can you remember the best presentation you’ve ever seen? Think back to that event for a moment. Why was the presentation so good in your eyes? Most likely, the information was to the point and absolutely insightful. Most likely, you were positively touched on an emotional level as well. The presentation may have surprised you, shocked you, exhilarated you, excited you, or made you think. In any case, all the components of a good presentation fit together perfectly, otherwise it would hardly have made a long-lasting impression on you. Such successful presentations are not usually created because the creators just had a good day. Behind a convincing presentation today there is always concentrated expert knowledge. If you don’t have an experienced PowerPoint team in-house, it makes sense for you to have your PowerPoint presentation created.

Today, to convince the audience in presentations, you need to deliver top performance


Over the past decade, audience behavior during presentations has changed dramatically. It doesn’t matter whether they are students, housewives, professors or entrepreneurs. Attention spans have greatly diminished. Even among professional audiences, it is getting shorter and shorter. Information today must be conveyed with all visual and psychological tricks. Boring or exhausting presentations without some entertainment value fail mercilessly with any target audience. Your messages will then simply not resonate with the auditorium.

The following points you must clarify for a successful presentation in any case:

  • What is the target audience?
  • What are the goals to be achieved with the presentation?
  • What content and messages should arrive?
  • Which “storytelling” fits this?
  • Stands the dramaturgy?
  • Which media do you want to use?
  • Is the presenter optimally prepared?

Conclusion: Creating successful presentations today is a complex process that requires a lot of expertise.



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You will benefit from these eleven advantages when you have your PowerPoint presentation created


Nowadays, almost no field can do without expertise when convincing results are required. A PowerPoint agency specializes in implementing all aspects of your presentation in the most effective way for your success. When you hire an agency to handle your next presentation, you get much more than a few nicely designed slides. Slides are only ever one part of a successful presentation. From true presentation professionals, you get a whole range of skills that you can use for your success. We have compiled eleven clear benefits for you.

Benefit 1: When you have your presentation created, you benefit from the expertise of an entire team


Presentation agencies employ experts from a variety of disciplines. There are specialists for video, animation, sales psychology or graphics. There are trainers for presentation techniques and rhetoric. They have professionals in design and image creation. Regardless of the individual challenges of your presentation, you always have the right professionals at hand to get the best solution.

Advantage 2: You don’t get just any result, you get the best result for your presentation


When you have a PowerPoint presentation created, good presentation agencies start their work only after the task is fully understood. This means you will get a customized solution and not an 0815 presentation. The presentation agency will record in a  briefing conversation which goals, challenges and target groups a client has. From this, the appropriate presentation concept is developed, which really leads to your desired goals.


Advantage 3: PowerPoint applications at an absolute professional level


Presentation programs like PowerPoint have a number of features that only savvy users know all about. PowerPoint agencies can very quickly make adjustments, revisions or additions, or incorporate other media and software. The individual slides work reliably and smoothly even when, for example, interactive navigation is required. Professionals create such slides in a fraction of the time it takes a normal user.

Advantage 4: Having your presentation created ensures brain-friendly information transfer


There are forms of information that our brain can process particularly well. Information prepared in a different way is much harder to grasp. A combination of image, sound and emotion has proven to be particularly effective. Presentation agencies know exactly how messages need to be presented in order to be grasped quickly and retained in the long term.

Advantage 5: Extensive experience in addressing different target groups


Audiences are not all the same. If you want to reach a group of engineers with your presentation, you need to do things a little differently than if you are presenting to art gauges. The same is true for different subject areas. If you want to move your audience to an action (call to action) you will proceed differently than if it is about pure information transfer. Presentation agencies have gained extensive experience in what kind of presentation works safely with which topics and target groups.

Advantage 6: You can simply forget about defective beamers or sound problems


It’s the shock moment of every presentation: some technical defect stops the entire performance and throws the presenter off track. This doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker, but it has often ruined a presentation. If you let us create your presentation, this will be a thing of the past. The all-round service of an external PowerPoint agency also includes technical support for your event, if desired.

Advantage 7: You always keep the overall view of the individual work steps


Good presentation agencies have a powerful project management. For you as a client, this means total transparency from the first briefing meeting to the final presentation day. This ensures that all stages of the work are coordinated with you. Should you find that changes or additions are necessary during a section, this can be implemented at short notice.

Advantage 8: Never again at the “last minute” – The presentation is ready when it is needed


It is not uncommon for the finished presentation to be available only a few hours before the presentation date. This is decidedly too little time for the speaker to prepare properly. If you have a PowerPoint presentation created by a good agency, you can be sure that all the necessary time frames will be met. The finished presentation will always be available a few days before the performance in front of the audience. As a presenter, you can finish your preparations without haste.

Advantage 9: Good agencies also support the presenter for whom you are having the presentation created


The best presentation is of no use if the presenter has a weak performance. The offer from a Powerpoint service provider always includes personal support for the speaker. Through special training, weak spots can be effectively remedied and self-confidence improved. In a relatively short time, insecure presenters can be turned into good presenters with targeted support. And even experienced presenters can still achieve tremendous performance improvements.

Advantage 10: Get on-site technical support on demand


A company does not always have enough staff available to smoothly organize presentations in front of large audiences. The presentation agency can help you with handling all the technology at this point as well. It often helps likewise, if the audience is to be integrated interactively into the presentation. For example, tablets or 3D glasses can be provided.

Advantage 11: From small assistance to a complete package – you decide the scope


You can decide the scope of services related to your presentation. From the “finishing touches” for an existing presentation to outsourcing the complete production, anything is possible. But in any case, you will benefit from the quality improvement.

Conclusion: If you have your PowerPoint presentations created with the help of PowerPoint experts you can calculate the amount of work and the quality of the finished presentation much more reliably. Your success is thus guaranteed. The presentation agency offers you faster, more efficient processes. Your company hardly has to spend any additional working time after the briefing meeting and your own employees can get back to their main tasks.


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