How to find the right PowerPoint agency for your presentations

There are a large number of different PowerPoint service providers in Germany. From sole proprietorships to large agencies, customers can choose. But which PowerPoint service is the right one? We would like to give you some suggestions on how to find the right PowerPoint agency for you.

If you are going to hire a PowerPoint agency to handle your next presentation, you probably value top quality and you want to be sure that your audience will experience a compelling performance. An external service provider should support you in achieving the best possible result. But where can you find the right PowerPoint agency? What should you consider before commissioning and what criteria must a provider meet? The following questions should help you make your choice.

Do I really need to have a PowerPoint agency create my slides?

It depends a lot on what your goal is with your presentation. The more important the target, the more important the quality. Those who only create slides from time to time, or those who have only created simple presentations for internal meetings, do not have sufficient experience for sophisticated slide design. You can achieve truly professional results with service providers who offer presentations as their main focus.

Which is better – a good all-rounder or a real PowerPoint specialist?

Of course, large marketing and advertising agencies also offer PowerPoint as a service. But it will be rather rare that an employee is hired there exclusively for this topic. It will be more likely that presentation slides, among other things, will be offered with an advertising campaign. For sure, these agencies know how to integrate the corporate design and how to create a slide. What you cannot expect here are individual consultations that result in exactly the customized solution that would be optimal for you. Real PowerPoint experts have the advantage of having created quite a few presentations for different companies and target groups. They ask the right questions, they know which messages should be conveyed and how to put these messages into the right picture.

Should I have my entire PowerPoint presentation professionally created or will a good revision suffice?

Here we come back to the area of priorities. If you are planning a new company presentation or a sales presentation, then you should try to get the best possible out of it. In fact, you will only succeed really well if you involve the PowerPoint agency of your choice as early as possible. If the concept and structure are not planned professionally from the beginning, it will be very difficult to correct wrongly set priorities and inappropriate concepts afterwards. The agency will have a detailed briefing conversation with you to understand your company and products and present them in the best possible light. Good presentation agencies will ask you about the audiences you want your presentation to target. This way you will get a customized solution that really picks up and convinces your audience.

But of course, it is also quite useful and effective to have an existing PowerPoint presentation revised. Because even if the concept and outline have already been determined, the right PowerPoint agency can turn the individual slides into little masterpieces that can become game-changers with brilliant design and compelling imagery. Presentation revision makes sense for any appearance in front of an external audience. The difference in quality will be significant.

How do I find the right PowerPoint agency?

You can ask your contacts on social media, such as Xing or Linkedin, or in regional groups to see if anyone can give you a tip. Of course, you can also start a search query on Google and enter, for example, “PowerPoint agency Frankfurt” or “presentation agency Frankfurt”. You will be shown a number of results. Small and large agencies, providers that are in your immediate area, or in the next city. You can look at each provider’s website at your leisure and consider which agency appeals to you personally the most. 

Probably this will not be enough to make a really satisfactory selection. You will need to have a face-to-face conversation with some of the vendors you find particularly interesting. In the process, you will learn how professionally the various agencies perform. What specifically do they offer, what special services or skills do they have on offer? What does project management look like, what references can they show. Before a conversation, think carefully about what you would like to know. After that, you should have the necessary information to choose the right PowerPoint agency for your project.