Sometimes it just has to be a premium presentation agency!

When is professional help indispensable and when do you need a premium presentation agency?

There are different reasons for creating PowerPoint slides. Depending on the target group and the objective, the challenges in realization vary. If solid craftsmanship is perhaps sufficient in one case, expert knowledge is simply indispensable on some occasions. And sometimes even normal experts are no longer sufficient to achieve the desired results. There are three different levels of difficulty, which I will briefly introduce.

I have been driving a car for a long time without any accidents. To be honest, I even consider myself a pretty good driver. Whether on the highway or in city traffic, I have my car safely under control even in somewhat dicey situations. Would I also spontaneously dare to participate in a rally or in a Formula 1 race? Certainly not. Absolute professional knowledge and skills are required there. Racing drivers are skilled experts who can control a vehicle in borderline situations that I have never experienced in my everyday world. Car racing is not my job, and although I often drive the car, I am just an amateur compared to the racing drivers. When it comes to winning, neither Ferrari nor Mercedes or any other racing team would take the risk of competing with me. But what does all this have to do with our topic “presentations“?

1.        Level: The user level

When creating presentations, it is similar to driving a car. After reading one to two reference books and attending a PowerPoint seminar, you will be able to create slides properly after some practical experience. When it comes to a status report for the current project or a small workshop with colleagues, an experienced user is absolutely capable of creating an appealing template. If nothing extraordinary is required, you can work quite well with this knowledge. I call this level of use the user level.

2.        Level: The expert level

If you are a trainer, coach or speaker, or if you have to conduct an important customer meeting, you will soon reach the limits of your presentation capabilities as a normal user. This is about maximizing reputation and business success. Anyone who relies on their user-level craftsmanship is playing at absolute risk. If you have to present to a large group of viewers or to important decision makers, it is no longer sufficient to put together a few slides. Here, professional dramaturgy, a precise schedule and a really convincing slide design are indispensable. The attention of the  audience must be maintained throughout. Facts must be presented in an absolutely convincing manner. The auditorium must also be emotionally picked up and steered in the right direction. If the result is to be completely convincing, if the audience is to make the right decision after the presentation in any case, then nothing can be left to chance here. External experts from presentation agencies are in this case the “racers” who will help you win the “Grand Prix” for your presentation. Such experts can be found in practically every major region and are an indispensable help for important projects.

3.        Level: The Premium Presentation Agency Level

Sometimes, however, even experts reach their performance limits. This can happen when professionalism alone is no longer enough to achieve certain results. Especially with particularly exclusive products and solutions or with very demanding audiences, all the technical stops have to be pulled out to ensure that the desired successes are achieved. In the case of high-quality offers, the target groups also expect the highest-quality presentations. Very good performance is often no longer sufficient here for the required results. One would like to see performances that are as spectacular as possible and have never been seen before.

A Premium Presentation Agency distinguishes itself from other providers through innovative technical capabilities that are largely unrivaled. To stay in our picture with the cars, switch from the racers at the Hockenheim Ring to the test pilots driving out an unknown prototype to maximum speed on a dried-up salt lake with a premium presentation agency. A premium presentation agency  consists of specialists who set trends for their entire industry. The team of a premium presentation agency develops special effects and tools, which then makes available exclusively to its customers. The claim of a premium presentation agency is to offer solutions that are a world first. This allows them to achieve results that completely surprise the audience and leave them with lasting enthusiasm. A premium presentation agency is always requested when the result absolutely and completely MUST convince. She is always a few lengths ahead of the usual agencies and invests a lot of time and knowledge in maintaining her lead. This type of agency is relatively thin on the ground and not so easy to identify. You have to ask specifically which technical innovations are offered in each case and which unique selling points an agency has.

No matter what project you’re overseeing, think carefully ahead of time about what kind of outside help you might need.

Matthias Garten offers everything from PowerPoint training and consulting to lectures.Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Informatiker Matthias Garten is the expert for multimedia presentations. He is an entrepreneur, speaker (TOP 100 Speaker), trainer (TOP 100 Excellence Trainer), multiple book author, presentation coach (presentation training), member of the GSA and Club 55, organizer of the Presentation Conference, Presentation Bootcamp and Presentation Rocket Days. In addition to PowerPoint and presentation training, he inspires and advises companies to present themselves even more effectively and thus stand out from competitors. He is the business owner of the presentation and PowerPoint agency smavicon Best Business Presentations and with his team has created over 15,000 presentations for over 150 industries since 1993.