Presentation agency smavicon: How it all began

From a fateful acquaintance to a courageous venture to the successful presentation agency smavicon

Just as there is a story behind every company, the story of the presentation agency smavicon begins with a key experience. Why it all started at a party in the nineties and Matthias Garten demonstrated great foresight more than once is explained below.

A fateful encounter

It all started in 1993 at a party. Matthias Garten made a new acquaintance with a gentleman there. In the course of their conversation, the latter asked him if he also knew PowerPoint. Without hesitation, Matthias Garten, who has a degree in computer science, answered in the affirmative – although he had only rudimentary knowledge at the time. The acquaintance then promised to recommend Matthias Garten to a marketing manager friend. Only a few days later, Matthias Garten introduced himself to the said marketing manager.

A recommendation with consequences

The marketing manager told Matthias Garten that he had to create a PowerPoint presentation and had just commissioned his agency to do so. However, Matthias Garten could also create a presentation. The catch: there was no money! Despite the lack of financial remuneration, Matthias Garten accepted the offer. Because he saw the whole thing as a marketing investment and thus demonstrated great foresight.

After creating the presentation he wanted, he met with the marketing manager again. The latter was more than enthusiastic about the PowerPoint presentation and decided to use it. However, Matthias Garten was not to receive any money at this point either; rather, the marketing manager wanted to recommend him. The result of the recommendation: the presentation agency smavicon literally exploded!

More than presentation optimization

Whereas initially mainly PowerPoint presentations were created and optimized, Matthias Garten and his staff gradually moved on to also supporting customers in terms of conception – how should the presentation be structured in terms of the arc of suspense? – to advise. Since a large part of the presentations was intended for sales, the employees of the presentation agency smavicon increasingly created the presentations taking into account sales psychology.

After a good 20 years, the presentation agency smavicon offers a very wide range of services. Here you can learn more about the services.