Have presentation created – how to find an agency?

Professional presentations have long since become the general standard in the working world. There are hardly any companies that still accept company presentations made of quickly assembled slides. Mediocre designed PowerPoint slides damage the reputation of a company. As a result, they can quickly lead to financial losses. Therefore, more and more entrepreneurs resort to the help of PowerPoint agencies, from which you can create a professional presentation. But which provider meets the necessary requirements?  

In the nineties, anyone could try their hand at creating PowerPoint slides. Windows 3.0 offered the presentation software for all PCs starting in 1990. But with the spread of the software and the increasing number of users and the presentations created, more and more emphasis was placed on quality. Today, the development has largely reached the high-end range. The dedicated employee or boss has almost no chance of keeping up with the high level that professional PowerPoint presentations have now reached.  

Top-level PowerPoint presentations – does really have to be ? 

Of course, not every team meeting needs a highly professional set of slides. For example, if three slides are to be shown for a short status report. The presenter usually does this himself. But what about training in PowerPoint format? What about sales presentations or corporate presentations? Here, the presentations have to deliver really convincing results. Unfortunately, mediocre slides also bring only mediocre success. Especially the sales department, the marketing department or management regularly need very high quality presentations. This is the only way they can convince customers and the public of their own company. 

Where can you get a presentation made? 

If you have a external PowerPoint service provider looking for your presentations, there are several options. Perhaps you are already working with an advertising agency. Asking your own “house agency” for PowerPoint presentations right away has some advantages. You already know who to contact, and you don’t have to explain what services your company offers. However, advertising and marketing agencies are not necessarily specialized in high-quality presentations. Creating PowerPoint slides is usually not something anyone does here as a main task. 

If you let a presentation agency create your presentation, you have the advantage that they are specialized in your request. This is because a presentation agency’s main task is to create presentations for their clients. Small agencies consist of one to four people. Nevertheless, the range of services offered by presentation agencies varies considerably. With smaller agencies, you often only get the design of slides according to the client’s specifications. Larger agencies offer full service. This includes comprehensive consulting, precise needs analysis and professional project management. The team of such presentation agencies consists of experts from different disciplines who complement each other.  


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What purpose do you want your presentation to serve?

For companies that want to appear professional to the outside world, or for high-quality offers, the highest demands are always placed on presentations. Today, the audience can easily tell whether a presentation is “off the shelf” or has been innovatively designed. Passable PowerPoint presentations are now quickly lost. The audience expects the most innovative and spectacular performances possible. High-quality information and entertainment must be perfectly combined. This also applies to training courses that are designed to impart knowledge quickly and effectively.

A quality characteristic of first-class presentations is the achievement of objectives. Does the presentation achieve the set goal? For example, a long-lasting memory of a particular presentation content or direct sales after the presentation or enthusiasm among the audience.

Have a presentation created – the advantages of a full-service agency

Presentations are about much more than just designing beautiful slides. Service providers must therefore provide correspondingly extensive services in order to be successful. It starts with the planning. A professional target group analysis is necessary for preparation. What information is to be transmitted and who is the recipient? How must the messages be prepared so that they are properly received by the audience? The right dramaturgy and the right storytelling are essential. The appropriate design through images, animations or videos is also crucial. Mentoring and supporting the presenter is also an important part of the overall success. Today, only larger presentation agencies offer this wide range of services.


In the business world, the requirements for presentations are continuously increasing. An employee or business owner who tries to stay current on the side has little chance due to the many changes in the field of presentations. The demand for premium solutions continues to grow. The question of whether to have presentations created or to design them themselves is therefore being decided by more and more companies in favor of full-service external presentation agencies.


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