Professional business presentations from Smavicon

There are different reasons for creating PowerPoint slides. Sometimes a few explanatory slides are needed for a meeting scheduled on short notice. That’s where an employee or the boss himself has to step in. However, if professional business presentations are needed, one should not blindly rely on the practical skills of the employees of one’s own company. The risk is simply too great that errors will occur that significantly worsen the final result.

A presentation agency like Smavicon always guarantees excellent results when planning and realizing business presentations.

A presentation is never an end in itself, but should convince and positively engage the audience for a topic. An entrepreneur or manager who starts with a set of slides always wants to achieve the best result. However, for this to happen, the content, form and design of the presentation must be one hundred percent right, and the speaker must skillfully combine his messages with the slides shown to create a successful overall result. The expertise required to create professional business presentations tends to be underestimated.

Including some graphics on slides in a slide master does not make a good presentation. However, even if the entrepreneur or his team assistant have attended a few PowerPoint training sessions, this knowledge is usually not enough when it comes to significant issues and convincing important target groups. This is where the expert knowledge of presentation professionals is essential.

Presentation agencies like Smavicon have helped countless companies of various sizes and industries achieve the best possible results with perfectly tailored business presentations. In doing so, our team relies on solid basic knowledge as well as on the inclusion of state-of-the-art presentation techniques such as virtual reality or augmented reality. We take a close look at our clients’ corporate culture, portfolio and target groups and design a customized presentation solution. We also assist the presenter in preparing and rehearsing the presentation to achieve the best possible impact in front of an audience. Our experts know exactly how important messages need to be “packaged” in order to trigger enthusiasm in the audience. This begins with the selection of the appropriate foil design and extends to high-end solutions such as sophisticated 3-D animations.

Portrait of Trainer Matthias Garten - Expert for Presentations and PowerPointDipl.-Wirtsch.-Informatiker Matthias Garten as the expert for multimedia presentations and professional PowerPoint presentations knows about the art of professional slide design. He is an entrepreneur, speaker (TOP 100 Speaker), trainer (TOP 100 Excellence Trainer), multiple book author, presentation coach (presentation training), member of the GSA and Club 55, organizer of the Presentation Conference, Presentation Bootcamp and Presentation Rocket Day. In addition to PowerPoint and presentation training, he inspires and advises companies to present themselves even more effectively and thus stand out from competitors. He is the business owner of the presentation and PowerPoint agency smavicon Best Business Presentations and with his team has created over 15,000 professional PowerPoint presentations for over 150 industries since 1993.