Have a company presentation created – what to look out for?

The company presentation is your business card and an important element of your external presentation. The company introduces itself to the public, potential customers or business partners. It should convey confidence in the seriousness, innovative strength or performance of the company. A mediocre presentation that gets little interest or approval is more than a missed opportunity. It can have a direct impact on sales and long-term business success. For this reason, it makes sense if you have a really high-quality and attractive company presentation created. We have summarized for you what you should bear in mind.  

Your company presentation should show who you are and what you can do. Depending on the industry, the offer  and the company background, your presentation should be really customized. The solid traditional company has to present itself differently than an innovative start-up. Slide design, content and design elements must fit together perfectly. An 08/15 presentation can therefore not be successful. That is why more and more entrepreneurs make the decision that they hire a PowerPoint agency and have the company presentation created. These agencies specialize in creating persuasive presentation and can create presentations in a short time, achieving outstanding results . Note the opportunities that working with a PowerPoint agency will bring you. 


Regardless of whether you want to create your presentation with your own resources or use the external help of a presentation agency like Smavicon, there are some aspects you should definitely pay attention to.


In the B2B sector, the straightforward communication of facts counts. If you want to convince new customers or business partners, you need to know the needs of this group of people. You’re dealing primarily with decision-makers, and they don’t have much time. Try to limit your presentation to about 20 minutes. Your interview partners have probably already informed themselves about your company in advance. Therefore, avoid trivial information, but try to “get to the point”. You can also ask in advance quite what information your interlocutors are particularly interested in. Prepare your information in such a way that the decision-makers also get the opportunity to make a decision. 


If you want to convince a customer with your presentation, you must first know what he needs. You want your presentation to show that your company is a good and important partner. What can you do with your company that will be useful to your interviewer? So get as accurate a picture as possible of your counterpart’s needs. What problems might he have that you could solve? What does he want to achieve? Does he want to add to his portfolio, or open up new markets? Try to work out what benefits your company can offer. What might interest your potential customer and what might not?


It’s hard to present yourself as a modern, professional company if your slides are old-fashioned and uninspired in design. Especially if you want to appear as a high-tech company, the design of your presentation should be of a correspondingly high quality. Interlocutors at the decision-making level usually have a lot of experience with presentations and are good at distinguishing first-class presentations from mediocre or poor ones. According to the motto “You don’t get a second chance for a first impression”, you should take the opportunity to convince with a top presentation in a modern design and with the integration of modern design elements.

Let you adapt your company presentation for the respective target group 

There is no one-size-fits-all presentation. It makes a difference whether you give your company presentation to the magistrate of your city, or to potential investors. In both cases, different interests are present. The presentation must be adapted to the respective presentation goals and the information needs of the individual target groups. At the beginning of every successful presentation is a thorough target group analysis. Good PowerPoint agencies do it with professional routine. Your company presentation will be optimized to the needs of the individual target groups. A standard presentation cannot convince everyone. Customization through different versions of your presentation, ensure that you can present to union members as successfully as to international investors.     

Your audience has little time. All the important information must be conveyed in a short period of time   

Today, almost everyone is a slave to tightly scheduled time management. Decision-makers have little time for lengthy explanations. They want optimally prepared data and facts. Therefore, try to limit your company presentation to essential information. Plan for a maximum of 20 minutes and about 10-15 slides. It is a great challenge to successfully convey all relevant information in a very limited time. PowerPoint agencies have a lot of experience in how to design information for a very limited period of time so that the right content can be delivered safely.  

Even traditional companies need a modern and contemporary design 

The foil design must fit the self-image of the company and the industry. However, it should always take into account modern design developments. Because design elements that were up-to-date five years ago quickly seem old-fashioned today. An impression that should not be given in any case. When you work with a presentation agency, you ensure that you get a customized, yet cutting-edge design for your presentation.


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Before the presentation, ask your audience what is of particular interest to them     

When you give your company presentation to decision-makers, they have usually read up on your company in advance. Therefore, in that case, feel free to ask if there are any topics that would be of particular interest to your audience. What is perhaps not so important and what should be addressed in more detail. Your PowerPoint agency can prepare additional slides for you on specific topics, such as production processes or sales structures. In this way, you can adapt your company presentation even better to the needs of your target group and do not run the risk of rehashing information you already know.  


The professionally designed company presentation is a very effective tool of your external presentation. Excellent success requires excellent preparation. When you start with a really good PowerPoint agency work together and have your company presentation created, you will receive a customized and convincing set of slides. This allows you to fully meet the information needs of your target audience and professionally communicate your benefits.

Be sure to invest the necessary resources to create a really good company presentation. In any case, the investment of time and manpower is well spent. If you achieve a good result here, you will use it to increase your business success.     


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