Foil design – not infrequently a high-wire act

Which type of foil design is the right one and which foil design is completely off the mark? If these questions could be answered easily, any layman could create premium presentations. Unfortunately, professionally designed slides are less about “right” or “wrong” and more about the use of expertise as well as the best knowledge of the client and the desired target audience.

As we all know, there is no accounting for taste. Nevertheless, every now and then we get into the situation where we are supposed to share our preferences. Questions like “which shoes look better with this?” or “do you want the car in silver or metallic blue?” usually lead us to make a decision of taste. While this can lead to lengthy discussions, it is usually a harmless matter and you can decide according to your personal preferences. The situation is quite different when decisions of greater significance have to be made. In that case, you probably won’t just follow your personal preferences.

The advice of others

It is unlikely that you will make your choice on important issues based on your gut, but you may consult with others you trust. In principle, this is a good idea, but only if respondents can bring additional expertise to the decision-making process. If you are the CEO of a major construction company and are faced with the question of how to make the presentation to that important new client, you may need help in making the decision. Now, if you ask your employees, who are mainly familiar with building materials and their processing, you will most likely not get the answers that will help you come up with the right foil design. In this case, only your gut feeling remains.

Decision by vote?

Let’s now take the specific case of deciding on a new foil design in a larger company. If the CEO wants to be on the safe side, he asks the marketing manager, the sales manager and the head of business development. But what if everyone has a different opinion? Do you want to have a vote on the best foil design? Do you get the best result this way?

Best to ask the expert?

If you ask an expert in creating presentations for advice, you’ll be a long way ahead. After all, he must know. This expert is then commissioned to develop and present a foil design. This will give you a professional template for your own business. You can also ask him right now why he made the foil design now and not differently. Then he will probably tell you that he has chosen the most modern design currently available, that the color selection exactly matches the company logo and that displaying the content in “bubbles” is simply optimal. But what you have now is a modern foil design, combined with the personal taste of the foil designer. He has decided this for you. But is this really the best solution for you? Modern is good, but will it be received? You can now agree or reject the design proposal. But you just don’t really know if you’re making a mistake with your choice right now.

This is how you make the best decision!

It doesn’t help in the end, you have to make the decision yourself. You need to get so much knowledge that you become your own expert. Don’t worry, you’re not supposed to do this alone. Truly professional presentation agencies will actively involve you in the decision-making process. Design professionals get a clear picture of the client’s portfolio and needs up front. The target groups are examined as well as the current or desired appearance of the client. Based on this preliminary work, a possible slide design is then developed in consultation with the management. The presentation professionals work with the company’s professionals. The customer always makes the final decision. But with this approach, he has a basis to make the really good choice.

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