Become an expert with 5 tips for professional presenting

Whoever wants to present live or online professionally today, must do his job really well. The audience simply expects a professional PowerPoint presentation. Besides poor content on the PowerPoint slides, mostly mistakes of the presenter lead to poor presentation results. With the following 5 tips for professional presenting you improve your effect in front of an audience.

Have you experienced this too? You have actually well prepared for your presentation and give your best. But you realize that the spark somehow does not jump over. The audience reacts very restrained, questions are not asked. What is the reason? In most cases, it is because the presenter cannot inspire his audience. Often the speaker does not know at all how to gain the attention of the audience. The following tips provide assistance.

Tip 1 for professional presenting: Storytelling. Gute Geschichten funktionieren immer

Telling storiesis a good way to engage the audience. People love stories. Our brain is made for processing stories like. We immediately become more attentive as soon as the speaker says: “To this I can think of an interesting story ein.”The story should then of course really fit the topic. If you tell personal stories, you can additionally create an emotional connection to your audience. Stories about your biggest mistake or your biggest success related to the presentation topic are a good idea. Or you could explain how XY changed your perspective on a topic. For example, you can also use stories from customers, employees, etc. During your preparation, take notes on which stories might be interesting for your presentation topic.

Tip 2 for professional presenting: Use a clear call to action in your presentation

The “call to action” is often forgotten. But ultimately, you want your audience to do something after your presentation. You want them to think differently about a topic, behave differently, buy a product, or sign up for a membership. If your audience doesn’t change anything, your presentation was a waste of time. Of course, your presentation should convey all the information your audience needs to act. But it has been shown that a direct call to action has a greater impact. So issue a clear call to action! For example, you could say, “Attend my seminar! There I will show you exactly how you will be firm in the future with this problem,” or “Tonight I want you all to become nutrition experts and take your health into your own hands from now on.”

Tip 3 for professional presenting:Focus on connecting with your audience

Don’t think about giving a speech, focus on making connections. If you have little time to prepare a presentation, adjust your mindset. So don’t just focus on facts and figures. Address the audience personally. Ask questions. Do not appear as a talking doll, but be a real person who actually has a goal to convey something important to other people.


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Tip 4 for professional presenting: Practice beforehand and zrecord your practice

If you havesufficienttimeforpreparation,you should try to find a test audience. Ask colleagues, friends or family members if you can practice with them. Get feedback. What worked well, what did the test audience not find so successful? If you have the opportunity to film your test presentation, you’ll have a chance to watch yourself present. You probably notice many details that you did not notice during the presentation. Maybe youspeak too many “uhs“, or you noticethat your hand movements are way too hectic. How does your voice come across? How is your body posture? Presentation experts always check their own appearance.

Tip 5 for professional presenting: Try to stay loosewhen presenting

If you want to get the bestoutofyour presentation,this is a good setting. But the pursuit of perfection can also have drawbacks. The truth is that somepresenterstry topracticeyour presentation like a role. They then act like politicians, who secrete astudied phrases. Try, despite intense preparation,to remain relaxed during your appearance. Robot-like rehearsed phrases and movements are recognized by the audience and create an emotional distance between speaker and audience.

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With these tips, you can greatly improve the quality of your performance in front of an audience. To become a true PowerPoint expert, you need a little professional assistance. A good presentation agency will also always offer training for speakers. There you will work with experienced professionals on your performance in front of an audience. Even after a short time, the quality of your performance will make significant progress, and you will quickly develop a new aplomb. This is the best way to learn professional presenting. .


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