Yesterday PowerPoint slide master – today user experience master

Smavicon develops new user experience master as an extension of the standard PowerPoint slide master

Significantly more efficiency – this is what smavicon promises all users of the newly developed User-Experience-Master (UX-Master) – an extension of the PowerPoint slide master. The methodology, which is now ready for practical use, is designed to speed up the creation of PowerPoint presentations by 30% to 100%. The offer is aimed at companies where employees regularly need to create a large number of slides.

The PowerPoint experts at smavicon have developed a 6-step system that enables rapid implementation in any company and familiarizes users with the new master quickly and reliably:

1. the basic PowerPoint slide master with its intelligent and time-saving Slide-2-Slide technique. First, the existing master is analyzed using a 32-point checklist and the result is discussed with the client. In a basic workshop, efficiency targets are set and design, layouts and functionality are jointly developed. Then the master is created and fixed together. Control sections round off the process and thus create security for later use. This makes the basic master for PowerPoint presentations.

2. the next step is to create a UX “slidekit” toolbox with versatile customization options. It is the basis for the next efficiency step. In contrast to classic ones, Slidekit provides clear guidance for quickly designing new slides.

3. another component is a flexible template set for quick slide creation and customization. Many slide libraries are only used a fraction of the time and are therefore inefficient. The special feature of the template set is therefore the practical application proximity.

4. a clearly structured operating manual provides information if detailed questions arise or if something needs to be read up again.

5. didactically structured user training creates the knowledge in dealing with the new UX-Master and ensures professional work.

6. in the last step, an e-learning kit is created for new employees.

Companies that opt for smavicon’s UX Master thus gain several advantages:

1. the time for creating new slides is measurably reduced.

2. the work efficiency of the employees is significantly increased, which leads to the rapid payback of the investment.

3. better work results.

4. greater employee satisfaction through more efficient work processes.

If you would like more information about the User Experience Master, simply contact us using the contact form.