Rely on professional visualization for presentations

Through the eyes, humans absorb more information than through all other sensory organs. So to support and reinforce your messages, professional visualization plays a major role..

Good presentershave the talent to be able to talk convincingly. They further their talent with conversational techniques, rhetoric, and much more. Nevertheless, the visual sense, that is, the vision, is the most important sensory channel of humans. Through the eyeget the most bits per second an amount of data in the brain. No other sense organ canprocess anywhere near as manybits. For comparison: eyes 10,000,000 bits, skin 1. 000,000 bits, ears 100,000 bits, smell 100. 000 bits, taste 1,000 bits. So you should think about whether you can insert matching images into your PowerPoint slides, for example. Maybe it is even possible to use whole PowerPoint videos.

The right visualization will determine the success of your presentation

The visualization plays therefore in the presentation alwaysan important role. Good presentersuse a figurative language to create images in the mind of the audienceto letarise. Dyet these images remain only distorted in the mind. This can lead to misunderstandings and wrong ideas. Lfinally, the audience may also makeundesirableEdecisions, sothose that areopposedto the objectives of the presentation.

So ask yourself: what visual aids can you use to create clear and unambiguous images in the brain of your audience. For example, you can talk extensively about how elephants in Africa need to be better protected. ZTo illustrate the point, you could superimpose an image showing a huge mountain of confiscated ivory being burned. This triggers more emotions in your audience and deepen their understanding of the problems of wildlife in Africa. If you want to introduce a sports car, playing in an image film that captures the vehicle as advantageously as possible would be a tremendous amplifier. But also PowerPoint charte and graphs you can use to better understand your arguments well. .

Visualization helps youtransportthe important informationof your PowerPoint presentationmore vividly. Use thereforethe visualization to support your presentation success.


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What should youlook forin design

Whatshould you look for? What are the most important factors for a sales-boosting visualization? What are theDo’s and Don’ts?

SSincethe agencySmavicon supportscompaniesand speakers intheir presentations, Letsalwaysfixthe following: The media used during presentationenand lecturescreate a connection to the counterpart through the design. That means the design plays an important role. By means of design you transport your attitude, your values and your imagination.

It always happens that we have customers who present like ten years ago. This acts quickly old-fashioned and little innovative. By an old-fashioned design such companies quickly raise doubts among customers and the public. How innovative can be a company that uses old-fashioned presentations?Something like that directly generates a point deduction in the mind of opposite. So you should create a congruence between product, idea, message, service, saidmand presentation . So when you talk about innovative topics, you also design innovative. You can achieve this, for example, through other programs, such as Zooming Presentations, Augmented Impact Presentations, and many more. The type of presentation is already different from the design and structure of others.

Another important point to consider is congruence with your customer or prospect. Design creates connection. Good design creates security, trust and desire to buy. The design adapts to the target audience. If you for examplehave a youthful target group, youare more likely to use a fresh, bold and cheerful makeup.

Some tips for better presentations:

  1. Be clear about what kind of presentation is required. Naturallya company presentation looks different austhan a product presentation. Company presentation and training prpresentation should have a menu with which you can jump to different areas. A product presentation should have a dramaturgy and a visual thread.
  2. Separate the information of your presentationfromtheparts, designed to sell or persuade your audience. Make the viewer feel like he is being madessmartby you and getting good information. And only later lead him to the areas that are the real goal of your presentation: For example, the sale of a service, membership in a party or even the change of behavior. This way, you build trust and can thenbetter enter the sales phase of your presentation.
  3. When you show charts, statistics or figures reduce to the essentials and show only the relevant data. Support your statementsalways by citing sources.
  4. Integrate emotional parts into your presentation. You can achieve this by using images, animations, videos, music with little to no text. Through the emotional slides you can very well connect with the audience.
  5. .

  6. Use a modern layout and fonts. This will look fresh and contemporary.
  7. Use animations. Animations can help you stand out in today’s flood of presentations. Animative prepared slides arouse more attention and curiosity. So they are more exciting.

If you have any questions about the right choice of visualizationselementsand the appropriate design, feel free to contact us.


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