PowerPoint presentation – and where to go with the logo?

The logo and the possibilities of placement

Your company’s logo should also be part of your presentation to strengthen your brand. Depending on the role you want the logo to play in your presentation, there are several ways to

Inserting the company logo is part of most PowerPoint courses and is certainly not one of the most difficult exercises of the
slide design
. It is often recommended to include the logo in the bottom right corner of the slide. But is this the ideal placement? Is there even such a thing as the optimal place for a logo?

In fact, it makes a difference where the logo is placed on the film. When we read a book that is written in a language that runs from left to right, our eyes automatically wander to the upper left because that is where we expect to find the beginning of the text. In PowerPoint presentations, we also usually start reading at the top left. When looking at a web page, the eye usually first goes to the center of the upper third of the screen, because experience has shown that the most important current information is placed there.

Two types of vision

Humans have two different types of vision. The central vision and the peripheral vision. With the central point of view, you look at things directly. In this range, people see particularly sharply and can recognize more details. The peripheral angle of view covers the rest of the field of view. These areas are not detected as sharply and less detail is perceived.

It has been found that viewers perceive a logo at the top left of the image differently than when it is inserted at the bottom right. This has something to do with how our perception is conditioned. Maybe people from other cultures perceive things a little differently than we westernized people do. But for our applications in Europe and North America, logos have been found to send different messages to viewers at different points.

Logo_Placement_Foil design

Logo is placed on the top left:
Here the logo has the greatest dominance. If the logo is placed on top, it will be more in the foreground and so will the organization. This is a commonly used position when it comes to branding, branding, etc. This positioning represents high self-confidence and strong ego.

Slide1Logo is placed on the top right:
also a dominant position. This positioning also represents self-confidence and ego, although somewhat graded to the top left position.

Logo_down leftLogo is placed on the bottom left:
If a logo is placed in the lower half of the slide, the logo will be more in the background. The content on the slide is more important. The organization is shown in passing below. This position is used when it is more about content and messages. This is also referred to as discreet branding. The logo tends to be less noticeable at the bottom than at the top. Especially at events where the screen is very low, the logo is hardly seen in the last rows. Bottom left logo signals, “Content is more important, but notice me!”

Logoo_ bottom rightLogo is placed on the bottom right:
The effect of the logo is even slightly weaker when it is placed at the bottom right. Here’s the message: “The content is the most important thing, but still notice me too!”


So if you want to anchor your brand more strongly with your viewers, the logo in the top left or right is the right place. If you are mainly concerned with the content, the logo should be inserted in the lower slide area.

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