PowerPoint Karaoke – parody of boring presentations

PowerPoint Karaoke – a guarantee of entertainment

Have you ever heard of PowerPoint karaoke? Maybe you have even been a spectator at such an evening. The PowerPoint Karaoke is a offshoot of the classic karaoke, where the candidates quite spontaneously give a presentation to slides they do not know beforehand and selected at random. The PowerPoint presentations can either be created especially, or slides found on the Internet are used. On the one hand, this type of event offers participants the opportunity to improve their own rhetoric in a playful way; on the other hand, it can be understood as a parody of boring and pointless PowerPoint presentations.

In any case, such evenings guarantee a high entertainment factor. However, some serious presentations appear as if they were intended for that very event format.

If you’ve ever thought something like that, too, maybe it’s because …
… there was no common thread in the presentation . 
… quickly and often still information was included because they seemed important . 
… In the end, there was a volume of slides that was neither purposeful nor effective for the communication.


The factor Structure makes the difference

What the audience doesn’t get – and doesn’t particularly miss – is a clear structure. However, a serious and effective PowerPoint presentation lives precisely from the structure. It helps to ensure that the audience can follow the explanations well and have a good feeling in the process. Ultimately, the presenter can achieve his presentation goals more easily and better.



A little fun must be …

PowerPoint Karaoke should be seen first and foremost as a event with a high entertainment character. And surely a little humor never hurt any PowerPoint presentation, no matter how serious, right? Therefore: Humor can be an important factor in presentations – however, it should fulfill a function in the presentation and not be a pure end in itself.

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