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With the limitations in the times of Corona, the number of online presentations has increased extremely. But online presentations bring new requirements to the design and form of your presentation. The individual slides get more weight and therefore have to meet the highest requirements. Your presentation agency has the necessary know-how to make your next online presentation a real crowd-pleaser.

The current circumstances force companies to go new ways in communicating with the target audience. Of course, this also has an impact on the way presentations are held. Live presentations in front of an audience have become the absolute exception in these times. Online presentations are becoming more and more important. At the same time, online presentations are not a completely new phenomenon. Presentations have been made available online in various areas, such as employee training. E-learning formats, which can be accessed via online portals, have been used for several years.

There are major differences between face-to-face and online presentations

For many years, the attention span of the auditorium has been decreasing during presentations. Presenters really need to pull out all the stops to keep the audience interested in the content for the entire duration of a presentation. If the welcome and introduction are not professionally prepared, the audience will lose interest after just a few minutes. If you have some lags in the middle of your presentation, you will lose your audience at those very moments. All the preparation was then practically in vain.

Online presentations do not make your job easier at this point. On the contrary: in a live performance in a lecture hall, you have fewer sources of interference. Besides a beeping cell phone or a whispering neighbor, there’s little to draw attention away from the presenter for starters. In an online presentation, each participant is at home or in the office in front of his or her computer. You know how quickly you can get distracted. During the presentation, the landline phone can ring, a colleague or family member can poke their head in the door, etc.

In addition, the presenter is not visible during the online presentation. Only the voice can be heard. The attention of the audience is therefore entirely on the slides. If the slides are boring, unclear or illogical, boredom or frustration quickly arise. Then the temptation is great to quickly check the latest e-mails or to surf the Internet on the side. But if you’re only half listening, you won’t be able to absorb your messages properly. The presentation is thus a blow in the water.


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These are the biggest differences in an online presentation:
  • Participants are usually exposed to even more disruptive factors than in a lecture hall
  • .
  • Negative Reaktionen, wie z. such as yawning, cannot be seen
  • The slide contents gain importance
  • The presenter can only use his skills in a limited way

Getting started with online presentations: Schnell, direkt, zielführend

The strength of a good presenter lies in his or her ability to pick up the audience. A little small talk, a short anecdote that leads to the topic – the audience should warm up a bit with the speaker and get in the mood for the presentation. You usually don’t have these few minutes to make a connection with the audience when presenting online. Sometimes, even here, the presenter fades in briefly as an introduction. But often the presentation starts with showing the first slide. And already the must arouse the unrestricted interest.

The slide set is at the absolute center of your online presentations

. A good presenter can achieve outstanding success with a good set of slides. He accomplishes this through his presence and the way he presents. Online presentation takes away most of his opportunities. Nevertheless, he has to captivate the audience from the first slide. Therefore, the slides have to be really outstandingly good. The content and the design have to come together in a perfect fit for each slide.

Presenting in an exciting way is essential – The Presentation Agency knows exactly how to do it

If a presenter loses his audience during an online presentation, he has virtually no chance of winning them back. He doesn’t even realize that his audience has long been busy with other things and is listening with half an ear at best. That’s why you should use modern presentation techniques to create and maintain suspense. To do this, you have a wide range of options available for your PowerPoint presentation. These include, for example, animations, 3D representations or moving backgrounds at your disposal. Ask your presentation agency about the latest design trends and the best practical implementation of modern presentation techniques specifically for your topics and target groups. In this way, you will ensure that your audience absorbs and retains all the important messages beyond the presentation time.


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