PowerPoint 2016 – new program features (part 1)

PowerPoint 2016 – more evolution than revolution

The developers of PowerPoint are increasingly facing strong competition from innovative companies. So there were and there are again and again new programs that can do partial functions of PowerPoint better. When Microsoft wants to maintain its dominant position in the market in the long term, individual functions must be constantly improved. 


At the same time, the user expects continuity with previous versions. For this reason the changes are always manageable: so it is more of an evolution than a revolution. The innovations are aimed at one thing above all: user-friendliness. Here, in a first part, new features of PowerPoint 2016 are introduced:


With the PowerPoint Designer, it takes only seconds for to create a new slide with a matching image at . When inserting an image element – for example, a photo – the “Designer” area is automatically opened, after which a selection of design suggestions is offered to insert the image into the presentation in a particularly appealing way.

An estimated 12,000 different design shapes are said to be available in PowerPoint 2016 at the moment, which are analyzed for suitable slide suggestions for the current image after an automatic image analysis. This is how professional slides are created in record time.


Another innovation in the PowerPoint 2016 version is the “Morph” function. This makes it possible to incorporate fluid animations, movements and transitions in a completely new quality into own presentation. Using morph, you can animate both text and images, as well as individual words or complex 3-D shapes. The button “Morph” can be found at under the menu item “Transitions”.

To use the morphing effect, you need two slides, both of which have at least one object in common. The easiest way to do this is to double an existing slide at and change the location of the desired object on the second slide. If you then switch to the screen presentation mode, you will see how the object moves from location A to location B. If you go one step further, you can change the size and the shape. With this you can create great zooming effects.

New diagram types

For a memorable and descriptive presentation of data, numbers, data or hierarchies, diagrams are almost indispensable. The developers of PowerPoint 2016 know this, too, and so there are six new chart types to help the user prepare facts in the best possible way for the viewer. Via “Insert” and “Diagram  you can now find a box chart, a treemap chart, a sunburst chart, a histogram and a waterfall chart.

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