No more phrasemongering! (Michael Rossié)

A manager wants my opinion on his customer days. In a noble hotel, five greetings (“May I also welcome you here …”) were recited by important people, four text-heavy PowerPoint presentations on “customer-relevant” topics were shown, each of which began with a look at the history, and as a giveaway there was a plastic ballpoint pen with logo. Then followed a finger food buffet of the very best. I told him that I found it mind-numbing. Only the salmon appetizers would have reconciled me. To my astonishment, he did not get angry, but laughed. He had already thought the same thing.

Is there no other way to do it? But: Everyone off the stage who has nothing to say there. Anyone who repeats what has been said, who thanks everyone present for permission that no one has given him and turns his talk into a university lecture: get off the stage! Boring meetings or events are not an end in themselves. Anyone who tells me that this is the way it has to be will wake up at the latest when they stand in front of empty rows of spectators.

A phrase bingo for your next event. Cross out when you have heard an expression. The first person to have a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row full of crosses stands up and shouts “Bullshit Bingo”.

About Michael Rossié

Michael Rossié has been working for 25 years as a speech trainer & coach on behalf of radio and television stations as well as in business. He is also a widely booked speaker and keynote speaker on the topics of communication and presentation. In more than 200 lectures, seminars and coachings per year, Michael Rossié works with everyone who has to speak well in public: from pop singers to Dax executives, from footballers to TV presenters. He also trains many speakers. He is the author of the books “Sprechertraining”, “Frei sprechen” and “Schwierige Gespräche mit Kollegen und Chefs”, among others. A book on the use of humor in lectures and seminars is in preparation.


You can also experience Michael Rossié as a speaker and presentation expert at Presentation Rocket Day 2018 near Frankfurt.