How to find the ideal PowerPoint agency

High-quality, exciting presentations are more in demand today than ever before. More and more companies are recognizing the great benefits of professionally designed PowerPoint slides and are looking for suitable experts to help with their implementation. But how do you find the right PowerPoint agency for your next presentation project? There are a number of important criteria you should consider before placing an order.

First, some good news: there is a wide range of PowerPoint agencies in Germany. From the solo self-employed to larger companies with 10 to 20 employees. For example, if you are looking for a PowerPoint agency in the Frankfurt area, Google will present you with pages and pages of corresponding offers. But those who have a choice often also agonize over making the right decision. Which provider can really do something and with which agency does one’s own company have the greatest presentation success? The old adage that you are always wiser afterwards cannot satisfy an entrepreneur. There must be reliable criteria in advance to facilitate the selection of the right PowerPoint agency. We would now like to provide you with some important selection criteria for successful cooperation with a presentation agency.

PowerPoint presentations have to be really perfect today – unfortunately

It would be nice if an ambitious employee or entrepreneur could bring the necessary skills to create an effective PowerPoint presentation themselves. A few years ago, this was still possible. Today, the quality requirements for presentations have risen to such an extent that even advanced PowerPoint skills quickly reach their limits. Those who do not pursue presentation creation as their main profession can no longer handle the necessary expertise and ongoing training. The nice colleague, the internal communications department, or the tried-and-true advertising agency all face the same problems: to make a presentation truly successful, you need the expertise of experts.

Is one all-rounder enough or do I need the entire team of experts from a PowerPoint agency?

There are individual entrepreneurs who have excellent skills in the professional use of PowerPoint software. You will know how to create slides and how to use all the functions of the program in the best possible way. However, a successful PowerPoint presentation does not only consist of a good set of slides. That is only the basic requirement. Today, the challenges lie, among other things, in thorough planning, target group analysis, an exciting dramaturgy, convincing storytelling and the right visual design of all information. Which images, graphics, animations, video clips, etc. can best convey the selected messages? What needs to be produced (for example, animations)? This usually requires the interdisciplinary cooperation of a team of experts. This is where larger PowerPoint agencies play to their strengths.

PowerPoint agencies – the difference between simple teams and real expert teams

A large presentation agency may have a large number of employees. However, the number alone is less important than the qualifications of each team member. When you book the advice of experts, you should make sure that you are really dealing with well-trained specialists. Here, too, there are black sheep who pay little attention to the training of their own employees. However, if your agency is dealing with, say, one professional and eight hired amateurs, a consistently high-quality end result is rather doubtful. Therefore, ask how the team of the PowerPoint agency is composed, what qualifications are available and whether the employees regularly undergo further training. If every employee has high qualifications, such as the Presentation Excellence Master training, you can be sure that you are working exclusively with true professionals.


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Success measurement is also a must for PowerPoint presentations     

If you don’t know if your presentation was successful in the first place, then it’s hard to plan for success in the long run. Especially in the era of online presentations, where the reactions of the audience are not immediately apparent, one needs a success control. Therefore, ask specifically about measuring success when you want to hire an agency. 

How to look for a good powerpoint agency?  

Your search engine will show you a whole range of search results for queries such as “powerpoint agency Frankfurt” or “presentation agency Rhine-Main area“. Select a few agencies and research what other information they can find. Search their websites. Has the agency or agency owner been covered in other media? Is the holder considered a genuine PowerPoint expert? Are there any book publications or professional papers? What can be found in social media about the agency? What successes might be recorded?     

Conclusion: If you want to be really successful with your next PowerPoint presentation, you need highly professional partners. Therefore, check carefully whether a PowerPoint agency really meets the highest quality standards. Only then can truly excellent presentation results be achieved.


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