Have presentations created – With these 4 tips you will always be in full control

A company presentation or trade fair presentation must meet the highest standards.  If an external presentation agency is commissioned for this purpose, the client must be able to ensure that the agreed presentation is delivered at the agreed time. This requires transparency  during production and adherence to schedules. At top agencies  this is always part of the service. We give you four important tips for choosing the right agency for your next presentation.

A sophisticated presentation already does some work. Even presentation professionals don’t just pull a good PowerPoint presentation out of thin air. To ensure that the final result really meets the client’s requirements 100%, close dialogue is very important throughout the creation phase. Only in this way can the maximum benefit be achieved for the customer and for the target group.

Custom work is crucial for the result of a successful presentation.

There’s always a big difference between buying something “off the rack” and commissioning a custom job. A company presentation, for example, should optimally present the company to the outside world. This is only possible if the presentation agency knows exactly how to best present the company and its offer. This is similar in other areas of life. If you need any business suit, you probably go to a major downtown department store and try on a few Boss or Armani suits until you find one that fits you quite well. If you’re in business circles where that’s not enough, go to a men’s tailor who will take your measurements and tailor you a suit that fits perfectly. In that case, go several times so that it is always checked and modified until the suit fits like a glove. Until a presentation fits “like a glove”, it also requires precise coordination.

Control during production is equally important for both client and agency.

If gross errors are found after the presentation is completed, this is very unpleasant for both the client and the contractor. The deadline is jeopardized, extra work is created and, in the end, the determination of the question of guilt can even end up in court. Therefore, good presentation agencies pay attention to the constant dialogue with the client during the individual steps of the work from the very beginning.

Four tips for choosing your presentation agency

Whether you work with a good or bad presentation agency, you will find out for yourself sooner or later. By then, however, a lot of damage may have already been done if you have hired the wrong agency. If you take our four tips to heart, you will quickly notice whether your service provider is the right one for you.

Tip 1: Top agencies offer you an extensive briefing discussion.

The briefing meeting is the first important step for a successful presentation project. Here you can already tell whether you are dealing with real professionals. These discussions should be well prepared by both sides, because in this phase the basis for the presentation concept is created. Experts ask the client exactly what he needs. They ask specific questions, for example, about the CI, the products, the company history or the target group. The more detailed this conversation is, the better the agency can go about designing the presentation afterwards.

Tip 2: Top agencies have a fixed contact person for you

Changing contact persons are annoying and not a good sign of professionalism. In good agencies, you have a designated contact person who can give you information about the current status of the work, pass on your feedback, and make sure you get all the information you need.

Tip 3: Top agencies inform you about the individual work steps

In good agencies you don’t get the finished end product slapped on the table, but you are informed about the progress of the work. Thus, you always have the opportunity to express improvement requests, which are then incorporated into the work. In this way, unpleasant surprises are ruled out.

Tip 4: Top agencies never deliver “at the last minute”.

The best presentation won’t do you much good if it’s only ready a few hours before your talk. Good agencies deliver the final product early so that the speaker has enough time to study the finished presentation in depth. Then a test run can also be carried out at leisure. Only in this way can the presentation also be delivered professionally. Reliability and punctuality are the hallmarks of the top presentation agencies.

So when you hire a good presentation agency, you’re not giving up control, you’re gaining a team of experts who will implement your wishes in the best possible way.

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