Garr Reynolds advises: Forget structure in storytelling-be authentic!

Storytelling is currently on everyone’s lips – although, strictly speaking, it’s old hat. Because from time immemorial, people have told each other stories. Why is this method currently so popular – especially in the field of marketing? Presentation expert Garr Reynolds will tell you. In addition, he explains in an interview with Matthias Garten why thoughts about the right structure can sometimes be neglected and why numerous life experiences are the key to success. Learn about this and much more in the video.


Garr Reynolds is an internationally recognized communications expert and best-selling author. Award-winning books by him include “Presentation Zen,” “Presentation Zen Design,” and “The Naked Presenter.” His refreshingly different approach, drawing on the principles and methods of Zen art from Japan, has already inspired millions of people to communicate in a more understandable, creative and visual way. He is also an excellent designer, writer and musician. He currently holds the professorship of management and design at Kansai Gaidai University. Prior to that, he was a manager for global corporations such as Apple, inc.

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Informatiker Matthias Garten is the expert for multimedia presentations. He is an entrepreneur, speaker (TOP 100 Speaker), trainer (TOP 100 Excellence Trainer), multiple book author, presentation coach, member of GSA and Club 55, organizer of the Presentation Conference and Presentation Bootcamp. He also gives numerous seminars and lectures on the subject of presentations. With his team at smavicon Best Business Presentations, he has supported over 10,000 presentations in more than 150 industries since 1993.