Choosing the right design for your PowerPoint presentation – A ride on the razor’s edge

There is kno good presentation without good design. But whow do you choose your foil design? Do you use for years always the same designtemplates? Vote which designis right for your next presentation?Does the boss decide? For the professional design of PowerPointslides is not only an extensive knowledge of the correcthandling der software is important. Of great importance is also the right knowledge about target groups, messages and your own company. Without this knowledge, the selection of the presentation design becomes a ride on the razor blade.

Design is much more than looking nice. With your design you convey uniqueness, professionalism and identity. Your presentation should not only convince from the content. The design of the individual slides must also be right. But determining the right design is not so simple. The selection of the appropriate design results from different criteria. First, it is necessary to ask what company wants to show with a presentation. What looks good at the presentation of a fashion brand, can look completely inappropriate at the foil set for a utility machine manufacturer. Each target group and each topic can lead to a new adaptation of the design. A professional approach is strongly advised here.

First steps to the right design

For the right design of your presentation, there are some tips that you should always follow in the reason:

  • Make like Steve Jobs and keep your slides rathersimple
  • Limit thenumber of wordstothe individual slides
  • Select gappropriate fontsand font sizes
  • Set only really high-quality photos and graphics

PowerPoint offers for your designa first helpposition

When you use thePowerPointprogram, you will find a number oftemplatesanddesigns,which can be used for a presentation. A distinction is made betweendesign and template:

The PowerPointslide designbeats youon colors, backgrounds, effectsand fontsbeforeyoucan matcheach other. With the PowerPoint templates, there are zadditionally suggestions for fitting formatting.With the design templates, you can choose ready-made designs that take a lot of work off your hands. However, the possibilities are limited. From the final result you can see that it just not top designs. If you really want to play it safe, a professional will help you.



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External PowerPoint experts make all the difference 

If you engage external professionals, thatis associatedwith costs. But the extra effort is worth it in terms of the result. A good PowerPoint designer has in his several years of professional experience already worked for a large number of companies of different sizes and industries. He knows the program with all its tricks and features and knows which design elements fit certain topics and content. He can design or revise slides so that all your audience can quickly grasp all information. This will convey your important information in such a way that you willachievethe greatest possible success with your presentation.  

The presentation agency works out the best design for your presentation 

A really good agency will not talk you into anything or go over your head to dictate a slide design. Professional agencies will actively involve you in the process. Really good PowerPoint agencies will do a comprehensive Gtalkwith the people responsible in the company beforehand. Thereby, the company history, the self-image, the products, the company goals and the target group are discussed in detail. On the basis of this preliminary work then  suitable designs are compiled. In doing so, the PowerPoint agency uses the extensive experience gained from countless successful customer projects. The PowerPoint experts know how different content can best be communicated to different target groups. The proposals developed are then coordinated with the customer, who always makes the final decision. But by working with the experts fell now much easier to make the right choice.  

Design quality influences presentation success 

Even small quality differencee can  have a decisiveinfluence on your success.  Mediocre slides do not really deliver convincing presentation results.  PowerPoint-agency with their designexperts creates for you the right design for your presentation. In the process, your company and your messages are presented professionally. Content, form and message fit together optimally.



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