Advantage through knowledge (by Markus Hofmann)

We live in an increasingly digitalized knowledge society and our market landscape is changing its face every day. That is why mental fitness and a good memory are indispensable in private, but especially in professional everyday life.Train brain through brain exercise

The good news is that each of us has a super brain, but only a few know how to use it. Our ability to learn and remember depends to a large extent on how we transfer information into knowledge, how we link new knowledge with existing knowledge, how we organize the interaction between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and how imaginatively and creatively we think in the process.

The techniques for this are available first-hand at Presentation Rocket Day 2017. But until that time comes, here are a few tips for a mental warm-up!

“Just like a muscle, you may also use the Brain exercise if you want to maintain and improve your mental performance.” This is now common knowledge and numerous possibilities lead to the goal. I have given you a few very interesting aspects and exercises on the subject of Memory training that each of you can apply directly in everyday life.

Brain jogging

If you type the keyword brain jogging into Google, you will get around 5,000,000 results. We’ve landed on a modern buzzword, and an entire industry that makes money from it. You have probably heard of Dr. Ryuta Kawashima. Train memory by means of brain joggingHe is a professor at Tohuku University in Japan and developed Brainage for Nintendo. To date, well over ten million copies of this alone have been sold.

But is it really the case that a computer game, a Sudoku puzzle or a crossword puzzle will get our brains working? It depends on the potential. Roughly speaking: Anything that is different from what you have done before, that is, anything that takes you out of routine, gives your brain new stimuli, and forces it to think in new ways is brain jogging. Reading your daily newspaper every day is not brain jogging. Doing your usual work every day, no matter how high an intellectual level it may be, is not brain jogging.

Make a change!

Hold the text you want to read upside down. Or learn an instrument. “Music activates both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The right through the melody, the left through the beat,” says psychologist Ernst Pöppel. Another way to positively stimulate your brain through music: Throw in your favorite CD and conduct the orchestra! Music trains both sides of our brain! Train your memory with pictorial thinking. Turn names spontaneously into images and creative associations.

Acquire a foreign language. Learn a poem by heart. Take your children’s or grandchildren’s math books, start with simple tasks. As you can see, there are many different ways to do training for your brain.

Training for the brain

Neurobiologist Lawrence C. Katz coined the term Neurobics – aerobics for the brain – to describe his findings. And by this is meant: away from routine thinking, away from routine treatments. This is how you can maintain your mental level even as you age. As a right-handed person, brush your teeth once with your left hand. Take a new route to work. Perhaps you could also shake up family structures to the extent that you change the usual seating arrangement at the table, for example. The householder suddenly finding himself in a different place – this can cause changes not only structurally in the brain.Train brain - strengthen memory

Even if you no longer learn a new language – just using and switching between two different languages can delay dementia processes in old age by several years. This was proven by a research study at the University of Toronto.

So don’t solve the umpteenth crossword puzzle, but do mental exercise that really challenges you. Or take all your favorite books and memorize their opening sentences. The magic of the beginning. The magic of neurogenesis, the new production of nerve cells that you thus set in motion in your brain. The important thing is: brain training is always individual training. Only what challenges us and is new makes us strong.

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How to train your brain properly - guest article by Markus HofmannMarkus Hofmann, CSP, is arguably Europe’s most inspiring and effective memory expert and one of the most sought-after speakers for companies in all industries. Markus Hofmann is active as a board member of the German Speakers Association (GSA) and is one of only a few German-speaking Certified Speaking Professionals worldwide. In addition to his activities as a keynote speaker, he maintains an intensive exchange of knowledge and experience with the professional world: among other things, as Director of the Steinbeis Transfer Institute “Professional Speaker”, lecturer at the Steinbeis University of Applied Sciences Berlin and the Management University St. Gallen, as well as a lecturer at the ZfU International Business School. Since 2014, he has also been the recipient of the German Prize for Continuing Education. He became known through the “Scottish Bet” on “Wetten, dass …?” and the expert forum “Die Erfolgsmacher” of the news magazine FOCUS.

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