8 Simple PowerPoint Slide Tips That Will Instantly Make Your Presentation More Successful

The quality level of PowerPoint presentations is now so high that actually only true professionals can guarantee top results. Those who have rather little experience with the software or are not familiar with modern designs will have a hard time scoring with their presentation. But even if you are a beginner, there are some means to make your PowerPoint presentation better. We’ll tell you 8 simple PowerPoint slide tips.

Admittedly, no one just shakes good presentations out of their sleeve anymore. It is not even enough to use the presentation program quite neatly. You need a great deal of additional knowledge and presentation experience to make a compelling PowerPoint presentation. This makes it very difficult, especially for beginners or users who only design a set of slides from time to time, to be successful. Nevertheless, there are some tricks that will immediately improve your results, and which are sometimes forgotten even by professionals.

Small steps with great effect

While the secret to great foil design also lies in a talent for design and years of training. But even if you do not have these requirements, you can score points with the audience. All you need to do is approach your visual presentation as if you were seeing it through your audience’s eyes, not your own. The slide designer sees the slides as a means of illustrating the data and points he wants to show in his presentation. The audience has a much simpler approach. They want to see something interesting. It wants entertaining information.


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PowerPoint slide tips –   No. 1: Introduce yourself as the audience.

Who is actually your audience? Will your presentation be shown to academics or to people with more limited education? Are customers sitting in the audience or investors? Are you speaking in front of students or retirees? Why do they spend the time in your presentation? Were they assigned to the event or do they come of their own accord? What might be burning under their nails? What interests them and what rather not? So be clear about the purpose your presentation should have for your audience.

POWERPOINT Foil TIPS –   No. 2: Put together your most important messages

Go through your data to find out what information interests your audience the most and holds their attention. What really matters to your audience? What information should they be sure to take with them? If your presentation is no longer than half an hour, you should identify about five main points and three sub-points that speak to those points.

POWERPOINT FOLIA TIPS –   No. 3: A prefabricated design is better than no design at all

If you don’t have any design experience, you can search for a suitable template for your presentation in your PowerPoint program. This is not high school. Strictly speaking, you run the risk of being labeled boring and uninnovative. So what’s in favor of PowerPoint templates in the first place? Well, the designs are developed by designers and, of course, basically work. But it’s an off-the-shelf product, and you’re better off bringing in a design professional if you have an experienced audience. But before you start experimenting yourself with uncertain results, the PowerPoint designs at least provide some security. 

POWERPOINT FOLIA TIPS –   No. 4: Be interesting

Break away from the traditional presentation of pie shapes, bar charts, and bulleted lists. Offer your audience something that is not predictable. Look for interesting photos, comics, cartoons, or quotes that fit your topic and add a little spice to your presentation

POWERPOINT FOLIA TIPS –   No. 5: Stay clear in your presentations

Don’t distract your audience with a variety of different fonts, a dizzying array of colors, slides that contain too much text, or other unnecessary frippery. Make a clean, crisp and simple presentation your goal.

POWERPOINT FOLIA TIPS –   NO. 6: Make sure your slide set has professional transitions

Review your entire presentation at the end and make sure your audience will see clean transitions from one slide to the next. The whole presentation should look like one piece.

POWERPOINT FOLIA TIPS –   No. 7: Get to the heart of your message

Think about your most important messages. How should you be mediated? Your messages should be captured quickly without effort. Make sure that the audience can completely absorb your statement in three seconds or less.

POWERPOINT FOLIEN TIPS –   No. 8: Hands off high-end experiments

I’m sure you’ve seen presentations that really wowed you. Of course, something like that would be nice in your presentation. But be sure: there were PowerPoint experts at work. Animation or zoom effects, great movie clips and similar spectacular elements are better not to try in your presentation without the help of a professional. 


PowerPoint presentations are very sophisticated forms of communication. It takes some practice and some expertise to turn them into truly top-notch presentations. But with these 8 relatively simple tricks, you can greatly improve the quality of your next PowerPoint presentation.


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