Why you benefit from a PowerPoint seminar

When presentations and presentations remain entrepreneurs, managers and employees  mosts farbelow their capabilities. Dwhile already some targeted improvements would lead to significantly better presentation results. A PowerPoint seminar brings you with manageable effort a significant increase in quality and provides an enthusiastic audience.   

You’ve probably experienced it too: you get the task to create and deliver a presentation at short notice. Mostly there is only scanty information and because of the imminent deadline significant time pressure. Under these circumstances, most users bring rather poor results.  This is basically no shame, because the correct presentation is rarely part of the main task of an entrepreneur or employee. One has acquired some knowledge and with it you have to cope.

However, to prepare a presentation under time pressure, quickly tugs at the nerves.  Shouldthen still come problems with the operation of the PowerPoint software, many users quickly go into panic mode. The finished presentation is then often below expectations and convinces neither the audience, nor the presenter himself. Even real PowerPoint professionals work under such conditions not so like.  But abecause of their knowledge and their experience, you can achieve very good results even under time pressure. 

But who can become an expert on the side? Can anything at all be done about this situation? With a PowerPoint seminar you can improve many aspects of a good presentation at the same time in a relatively short period of time, in substantialm extent.  

Short-term betterachieve presentation results 

During day-to-day business, the necessary confidence to prepare and deliver a presentation cannot simply be acquired along the way. It is not only about the better handling of the PowerPoint software. Also body language, dramaturgy and rhetoric play an important role. For a successful presentation, a number of skills must be mastered. Time-limited, but highly intensive and didactically thought-out PowerPoint seminars bring you in a relatively short time a large increase in expertise.   

With a PowerPoint seminar acquire all necessary expertise  

You want to be able to hold with PowerPoint really good and above alln things also convincing presentations?  You want to improve your reputation within your company and achieve your presentation goals with confidence? Then you will benefit from a  PowerPoint seminar in many ways. You will not only learn the safe, professional use of PowerPoint, but you will also learn, for example, how to speak confidently in front of an audience. You can specifically improve the areas in which you would like to have more expertise. In time-limited, very effective seminars bring you presentation experts in didactically structured lessons on how to improve your skills very quickly.  

You can even book an inhouseseminar in your own company, for example, if you want to work on individual or company-specific topics with your colleagues or employees.

Your benefit at a glance 

With a PowerPoint seminar you get a whole range of benefits. Dazu gehören 

  • you can choose the content from the offer as you wish 
  • You will get practical knowledge that you can use immediately in your work 
  • You can choose between face-to-face seminars, online courses or  Inhousetraining 
  • A highly experienced, didactically trained instructor will teach you 
  • You’ll learn how to work faster and more effectively with PowerPoint   
  • You will learn how to present yourself better in front of an audience 
  • You can integrate the relatively short seminar units well into your daily business routine. 
  • You will learn how to really achieve your presentation goals  
  • You will learn how to create a concept and develop it into a compelling presentation, even under time pressure.   

Customized to fit your needs 

Every business is unique and has specific needs. Therefore, you can select and combine the content of PowerPoint seminars according to your own wishes . For this reason, many seminar providers hold different modules ready, which you can select according to your wishes. This allows you to tailor each seminar to your personal requirements or the goals of your team exactly  


Some examples of possible seminar modules 

Seminar providers usually deal with one or more main topics in a seminar. Here are some examples of individual seminar modules: 

  • Conception & Dramaturgy:  Create effective structurally thoughtful presentationen 
  • PowerPoint & Visualization:  Score points with professionaland trendy presentations 
  • Rhetoric & appearance performance:  Enhance with skillfuluse of language and humor 
  • .
  • Body language & voice:  Set targeted accents in your presentation 
  • Self-confidence & Stage fright:  Relieve stage fright and inspire with a confident performance 
  • Corporate Design: Design Presentations and Charts in Iyour Corporate Design 
  • Storytelling: The right story for compelling audience impact   
  • Infographics present more convincingly 


Successful PowerPoint presentations today require a high level of expertise from a variety of disciplines. The best way to acquire the necessary knowledge in the short term, forms a PowerPoint seminar, which allows with different topics focus individually tailored training.