Presenting charismatically – Can you learn it?

We enjoy listening to them and are infected by their enthusiasm. A presenter with charisma can “sell” almost any topic to the audience with resounding success. But what do you do if you were not born with fascinating charisma? Presenting charismatically – is it something you can learn? We say: Yes, you can. Charismatic people are fascinating.

First-class PowerPoint slides are the basic condition for successful presentations. But we’ve all seen it happen when an uninspired, boring speaker ruined the success of a presentation. On the other hand, you’ve probably witnessed a mediocre PowerPoint presentation turned into a triumph by a charismatic presenter. He simply swept the audience along. So the way the presenter is perceived by the audience has an enormous impact on the final result. People with charisma are fascinating and can be very persuasive. The ability to inspire people, to animate them and to get them to follow one’s own ideas makes every PowerPoint presentation practically a no-brainer.

Charisma, that certain something that captivates people

Charismatic people seem to be bursting with energy. When a person with charisma enters a crowded room, everyone present quickly turns to look at him. This person has that certain something. Just the way he moves, the glow in his eyes, his winning way of talking to others. You want to be near such people and it is difficult to deny them a wish. One quickly senses a strong trust and is infected by the charismatic’s esprit. We are quickly convinced by your messages and ideas. Whoever asks us to do something, we gladly follow him. For PowerPoint presentations, a charismatic person is the ideal presenter. He has the audience under control and can convince them of his messages.

You either have charisma or you don’t. Or?

We are therefore magnetically attracted to charismatic people and are easily inspired by them. We admire these magnetic personalities and wish that we also possessed such electrifying charisma. But one has it, the other just doesn’t, right? Here comes the good news: to a certain degree, anyone can learn to present charismatically. You don’t necessarily have to become a second Freddy Mercury on stage. But you can improve your own charisma a lot in a manageable amount of time. 

What do charismatic people do differently?

Charismatic personalities possess special character traits that lead to their fascinating charisma. With exceptions, famous people with charisma are usually a mix of innate strengths and learned skills. Often they have worked long and hard on themselves to become the fascinating personality we admire. Just because these people make it look easy doesn’t mean their charisma has flown to them.

However, certain aspects of charisma can be learned. These include, for example, an optimistic attitude, gestures, facial expressions, a clear voice, authenticity, and enthusiasm. 

Learn with us to present charismatically

If you really want to captivate your audience, we have a whole range of trainings and workshops where you will learn how to present charismatically. 

Take advantage, for example, of our perennial favorite, the proven Presentation Excellence Master Training. The training program is divided into different modules and designed to make you a to train a real presentation professional! You can  start with the package at any time and adjust the pace of learning to your individual schedule. So you’ll always have plenty of time for roast goose, snowball fights and gift exchanges. 

With our training package, you get a whole range of useful tools, strategies and concepts that are all field-tested, really work and keep audiences engaged. 

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Among other things, you will learn: 

  • the booster method
  • how to make your presentation a real eye-catcher
  • efficient target group analysis
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  • how to generate real enthusiasm in the audience
  •  how to say goodbye to stage fright forever
  • uvm.


Almost everything can be learned. Also, charismatic presenting. A bit of practice is needed, but developing a radiant stage presence is definitely possible for you with professional assistance. Become fascinating.