Presentation trends 2022

How do you need to design your PowerPoint presentation to achieve your presentation goals in 2022? Learn all about the key trends and developments for this year and how to get the most out of them.

The world seems to be getting more and more unhinged. What was just perceived as a familiar fact is now turning into a growing uncertainty. Actually a moment to pause, to consider what is really important for us. But despite the tense situation and growing problems, dynamic developments in our working world have if anything accelerated. This also affects the way successful PowerPoint presentations are designed today. The world of presentations does not stand still. New trends and focuses are changing the way presentations are designed.

What challenges do current presentation trends bring for 2022? What do you need to keep in mind to continue to reach your target audience and presentation goals? We show you the most important developments.

Your slides make you a winner or a loser.

First-class quality is the decisive currency in the field of presentations today. High-quality slides highlight your expertise; mediocre slides quickly call into question your credibility as an expert. And credibility is a key factor in your presentation success. In 2022, the focus is increasingly on appearing even more professional and conveying competence. Among other things, this means: No time wasted on presentation and concentration on the essentials. The relevant content must be brought to the point and presented in a clearly structured manner. This will automatically bring your presentation to a higher level. And this considerably increases your chances of being remembered positively as a presenter.


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The three major megatrends for 2022

In addition to the increased focus on clear, precisely prepared content, there are a number of other trends for 2022, of which we now present the three most important.

Trend 1: PowerPoint presentations from “Live” to “Online” to “Virtual”. 

In the last two to three years, we’ve seen the shift from live PowerPoint presentations to online presentations via platforms such as Teams, Zoom, or Go To Meeting. Three-dimensional platforms now represent the next step. Here, participants can create an avatar and move freely through virtual spaces, for example during a virtual trade fair. You can listen to a lecture, participate in a discussion, or play a game with other participants at your own discretion. The avatar can be your own image, because people can now be scanned completely in 3D. These images can then also be used in PowerPoint with appropriate 3D programs.


One of the very big trends is the shift from 2D representations to 3D. In the last 12 years, 2D graphics were still the standard for PowerPoint presentations. But recently, 3D graphics are becoming more and more common. These sophisticated, brain-friendly presentations help to anchor information better in the minds of viewers. Slides thus look more interesting and can direct attention even better. Inserting 3D objects into the presentation software is relatively easy, and there are now over 5,000 3D elements available for PowerPoint.


The use of artificial intelligence is another mega trend for 2022. For example, you can have AI create customized images of people. Providers like Allow you to create an ideal image according to your wishes. For example, if you are looking for a woman with blond hair and blue eyes or a dark-haired man with a dark complexion and dark eyes for a picture, the provider’s artificial intelligence will generate an ideal image according to your wishes. For example, once you find an image for a slide, you can use artificial intelligence to further edit and design that image. In the same way, AI programs can create landscapes according to your wishes for your presentation. 

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PowerPoint presentations will continue to place high demands on presenters in 2022. Clear, precise, highly effective slides should be designed. In the process, 3D graphics are slowly becoming the new quality standard. New technologies such as virtual spaces and artificial intelligence, are increasingly shaping the nature of modern presentations. If you don’t pick up on these trends, you quickly run the risk of being seen as old-fashioned and unprofessional by the public.


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