PowerPoint training with wow effect

The PowerPoint training of a special kind

Surely you often work with the PowerPoint program. You are probably already experienced in creating new slides, placing text and images. So far, so good – but what the program can really do can only be guessed at. I, too, work frequently with PowerPoint (company presentations, concepts for clients) and have classified myself – at least I thought I did – as an advanced user.

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in the one-day PowerPoint training “PowerPoint Excellence – PowerPoint Performance”.

From keyboard shortcuts to basic things to customized SmartArt graphics.

After a brief round of introductions, PowerPoint expert Matthias Garten jumped right into the material by asking us participants to create a new presentation and thus immediately implement what we had learned. After initial general explanations and showing the most important keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint, Matthias Garten gave hints on basic things like the font design or contrasts. For example, he explained how to use a formula he developed to quickly and accurately determine the right font size for your presentation. This was followed by the topic of SmartArt graphics.

Although SmartArts are known to save a lot of time and effort, many people are reluctant to make use of them. Against this background, Matthias Garten used practical examples to show us participants how to individually adapt a SmartArt graphic to their own needs in just a few steps.

Create wow effects with images

The second part was all about pictures. With great enthusiasm, we participants implemented the previously demonstrated effects on the images: Setting highlights, various animations, skilfully staging image sections. We also diligently practiced cropping individual image elements – for which there is more than one method – on images we selected ourselves.

Exclusive design tips for your own presentation

In the last part of the PowerPoint training, participants had the opportunity to have their own presentations examined by presentation expert Matthias Garten and to receive concrete assistance and design tips. Once again, Matthias Garten’s many years of versatile experience in the field of presentations quickly became apparent. Thus, at the end of the PowerPoint seminar, we participants received 10 concrete tips for a successful presentation.


The seminar is excellent for anyone who has already worked with PowerPoint or works with it frequently; prior knowledge is therefore required in any case. Through the seminar, I got a faint idea of what the PowerPoint program can do. The continuous combination of expert knowledge and practical implementation made the PowerPoint training not only entertaining for me as a participant, but many things also remained in my memory for a long time. Due to the small number of participants, the learning is very intensive and Matthias Garten can therefore respond very well to individual wishes and questions.

I can therefore only advise anyone who wants deeper knowledge and new and innovative design ideas for their own presentation to take this special PowerPoint training.

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