PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi?

How to use Prezi effects for your presentation even if you don’t have a Prezi at all

There are about 50 different presentation programs on the market to create presentations. Very few users ask themselves which tool to use for their presentations, because most of the time it is predetermined by the company.

Nevertheless, it is interesting to have a look at other presentation programs to get new ideas. In the agency, we are flexible and have partially installed the programs, so we can see exactly where improvements over PowerPoint can be found. We often transfer the ideas from this into PowerPoint. Here are a few examples:

Presentation program Prezi

Prezi or the alternative Focusky are zooming-based presentation programs. In Zooming-Presentations elements can be brought in by sliding and zooming effects or also viewed from a bird’s eye view. These additional possibilities are impressive, because you have a macro view (“big picture”) i.e. the big picture, such as the world map, and lots of micro views that can become as small as you want. Just imagine Google Earth. You tell about your company, which is represented worldwide. City names appear everywhere on the globe. Now click and zoom in on Germany. You fade in some additional information, like 5 locations, 2000 employees, etc. Then you zoom in and you show your Germany headquarters. There the building. Then zoom into a building, show the marketing department, show the desk and a new product on the desk. This is roughly how zooming presentation à la Prezi or Focusky works. 

The design options are remarkably – the effort for this  however greater than with the so-called slide-based programs such as PowerPoint, Keynote and Co. Another disadvantage: Prezi and Co. work in the browser or with the cloud, so corporate data is not secure.

What can we now take away from this as an idea?

The zooming effect is really impressive and enhances any presentation. It can be recreated with standard PowerPoint using the Zoom In/Zoom Out animation effect. We also use our own macro, which makes our work easier and leads to faster results. As a user, you therefore no longer need a Prezi, but you can see the great effect.

Use Keynote effects in PowerPoint

The program Keynote from Apple, which is only executable on the devices MAC, iPhone or iPad, offers overall less functions than the well-known program. PowerPoint – but it has some nifty effects. . For example, smoke or a tail of fire when a new line builds up, or when an element falls into the foils from above, dust is kicked up again.

Also in terms of slide transitions, the presentation program Keynote can score: fancy Cubes, Moves, Slides u. v. a. m.

Unfortunately, the effects can only be reproduced in PowerPoint to a limited extent. Therefore, here again manual work is required and so the effects can be reproduced with a little patience. Let’s take the example of smoke. In this case, you can search the Internet for appropriate videos. For example, when you look at YouTube has found the right video material, the sequence can be edited using the video function in PowerPoint can be included. It is important to make sure that the smoke and the element run synchronously during the animations.

Tip: The animation start is suitable for this: You can achieve the desired effect by selecting the “With previous” entry in the “Start” field.