Managers must be able to present excellently

Presenting PowerPoint presentations is now as much a part of the working world as using social media or the word processing program Word. It is particularly important for managers to pass on information quickly, understandably and convincingly. That’s why excellent presentation skills are an absolute must for entrepreneurs and senior executives.

Managers usually have a lot on their plate and must assume a high degree of responsibility for success in their area of responsibility. Business successes rarely happen all by themselves. In most cases, target groups, employees and work processes must be closely monitored and weak points quickly remedied. In day-to-day business, working on your own skills often falls by the wayside.

You rarely become a manager by birth

There are, of course, entrepreneurial dynasties in which the offspring are firmly scheduled for management tasks as soon as they are born. There is a myth that successful leaders have a special DNA that predestines them to take on special responsibilities. But not every “alpha male” who likes to set the tone in his private life and at work is really suited to be a leader. And not every quiet, reserved employee is unsuitable. In fact, not everyone has the assets to be a supervisor. But many people can develop into outstanding leaders if they spend the time and energy to learn the skills they need.

Understandable and fair communication is an important skill for a leader

It makes a huge difference in which way you communicate with those around you. Warren Buffet is credited with claiming that you could increase your income by fifty percent if you optimized your communications. Professional communication with customers, employees, partners or superiors, can be learned by anyone. A particularly important aspect is learning how to present convincingly.

How to use your presentation skills to be a good leader

Leaders should be able to communicate what you want, what the goal is, and why it is important to achieve that goal. In order to achieve maximum success, all those involved should also be “taken along” emotionally. You must be able to charge targets with energy. If they do not create a vision that arouses useful emotions, such as joy or desire, partners and employees may not be sufficiently motivated to give full effort.


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A quick way to convey the goal, the exact explanation of the path and motivation is to use a professional PowerPoint presentation. With this medium  you can reach your communication goals quickly:  

  • The essential information compressed into a few slides for quick understanding 
  • Incorporation of graphics, tables and images to capture complex data 
  • Incorporating storytelling to engage the audience emotionally as well 
  • You can say exactly what you expect from your viewers 
  • You can answer questions immediately in plenary  

With a good PowerPoint presentation, you can bring everyone involved in a new project up to the same level of knowledge in a relatively short time. You can explain why the project needs to be started and what results it can achieve. You can keep your team focused on the common task and provide a motivational boost.  

To do this, of course, you need to know how to properly design a professional presentation. 

You should clarify these points if you want to convince with your presentation 

Before you begin your presentation, you should clarify the following points:  

What drives your employees?  

When do employees really give their all? What motivates the people you lead? Which key suits your speech? The fear of losing one’s job or the fear of the boss’s choleric fits may also release energy in the employees, but this is certainly not the basis for long-term success. Monetary bonuses or other gratuities can also optimize for extra performance, but in most cases this is not even necessary   . If you succeed in creating a “we” feeling, if you succeed in forming a real team, then you can achieve a lot with your team. When you reward your employees with genuine recognition and appreciation for their efforts, you fulfill an important basic need that is in all of us.    

Do you generate positive emotions with your presentation ? 

Information is important, but without emotion you will not get passionate employees for your project. Admittedly, not every project immediately leads to storms of enthusiasm. It’s not always about getting the first astronauts to an unknown planet. Still, try to let a vision emerge for your team. Why is this work important? What does this achieve? Who does it benefit? If you really can’t think of anything so absolute, how about a little motivational recognition, for example? For example, “You’re the only team in this store that I trust to do this properly. If I didn’t know how good we were together, I would have turned down the project.”  

Pay attention to your language and your body language 

If your slides and your words are actually motivating, but your voice and body language exude disinterest and despondency, your employees will have little motivation for the new task. Your employees will only trust your words and vision if they feel that their boss exudes confidence.  

Are you prepared for questions? 

It makes little sense to prepare a PowerPoint presentation with a lot of information, only to be unprepared for any follow-up questions. Be thoroughly prepared for potential questions. Good managers answer these questions in a relaxed and competent manner. 


With professional PowerPoint presentations, you as an entrepreneur or manager have an important tool to pass on information and emotions to the target group as desired. How to present really convincingly can be learned amazingly fast with professional support. Just a few training sessions with a presentation professional, will significantly improve your presentation skills.


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