How to create your presentation with Smavicon to achieve maximum success

The presentation has long since become an integral part of lectures and information events and it is impossible to imagine everyday business life without it. The advantages are easy to explain. Presentation slides significantly reinforce the information and arguments of the oral presentation. In addition to textual information, it is possible to reinforce and enhance information with images, movies, animations and other elements, thus increasing the positive impact of a presentation. Today, however, a successful presentation requires much more than just good arguments. When you use Smavicon to create your presentation, you have the certainty thatsures that all aspects for a successful presentation are taken into account and first-class results the Success with your target group guarantee.  

It is impossible to imagine our business world without presentations .

As good as no company can today do without the use  of presentations . Whether company presentations for the most important target groups, or training presentations for employee training – the demand for high-quality documents based on PowerPoint or Prezi continues to grow. Since PowerPoint became more widespread at the end of the 1980s, the qualitative level of presentations has grown over the decades. In other words, compared to the early days, a much more professional level of presentation design is expected today. Almost every user who is in working life today knows presentations from their school days, studies and training.  The average audience is therefore usually very experienced and can easily assess the quality of a presentation.

The viewers’ expectations of a convincing and professionally designed presentation are continuously increasing. Every year the popular slide designs change, new style elements are added, there are new features to integrate. An employee who took a PowerPoint course three years ago may already be using outdated design elements without realizing it.  

Create presentations at a high level 

A presentation unfolds its full effect only when it appeals to the emotions and the mind of the audience at the same time. The prerequisite for this is to tailor the presentation to the respective target group and to develop a custom-fit slide design. The presenter should also know how to convey the content in an informative and entertaining manner. This requires a very high level of knowledge and a lot of practical experience. A presentation agency such as Smavicon ensures a professional level when creating presentations and thus also the best possible result.  

Portrait of Trainer Matthias Garten - Expert for Presentations and PowerPointDipl.-Wirtsch.-Informatiker Matthias Garten as the expert for multimedia presentations and professional PowerPoint presentations knows about the art of professional slide design. He is an entrepreneur, speaker (TOP 100 Speaker), trainer (TOP 100 Excellence Trainer), multiple book author, presentation coach (presentation training), member of the GSA and Club 55, organizer of the Presentation Conference, Presentation Bootcamp and Presentation Rocket Day. In addition to PowerPoint and presentation training, he inspires and advises companies to present themselves even more effectively and thus stand out from competitors. He is the business owner of the presentation and PowerPoint agency smavicon Best Business Presentations and with his team has created over 15,000 professional PowerPoint presentations for over 150 industries since 1993.