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Presentations are usually “one-person pieces” where a presenter stands in front of an audience and gives his or her talk. At Create PowerPoint slides can with professional help through the correct Integration of images, movies or animations the Information power and the Entertainment value multiplied. Likewise  offers the inclusion of a  good  co-moderator offers additional exciting possibilities.  

Share the work of moderation

You may recall occasionally watching so-called late-night shows on television. In the U.S., their talk show hosts such as David Letterman or Jay Leno became big stars. In Germany, presenters such as Thomas Gottschalk and Harald Schmidt tried to imitate the format with varying degrees of success. It turned out to be very exhausting   to host the talk show alone. When wit and spontaneity are attached to only one person, it can quickly become uptight . Therefore, the concept is often changed, and the star presenter gets a support in the form of a “helper” to his side. Sometimes takes over  this role the head of the obligatory studio band, which can not be missing in this broadcast format. Sometimes a co-host is engaged for this purpose, who is responsible for special topics , or as a dialog partner and cue the actual host of the evening.

The co-moderator supports and complements the presenter

This “sidekick” of the showmaster can embody different roles. He sometimes takes on the role of the court jester , who takes liberties with the guests   , which the main presenter can use as a template for his own gags. The outside reporter, the whipping boy or the wise guy who seems to know everything are other typical roles that a co-host likes to slip into on TV. The concept can but also be transferred to other areas , including presentations. The idea of getting a second presenter for your own PowerPoint presentation offers some interesting possibilities:  

How to use a co-host for your presentation

Depending on the nature and content of your presentation, there are a number of different uses. Some suggestions:  

1. controversial topics. If you want to present a topic on which there are two different, opposing views, two presenters could each present one way of thinking. This can be two different scientific approaches, or two different marketing concepts, design proposals or organizational structures. In general, you can take this approach if you can contrast conflicting facts, ideas, views on a larger scale   . The advantages: Each presenter can fully concentrate on one of the two approaches at a time and extract all the arguments they can for the audience. In this way, the audience can better experience the clash of two different points of view, embodied by two presenters, and the performance is more exciting. 


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2. additional content and information will be presented by the co-host. The main presenter leads through the entire presentation. The co-presenter provides supplements, further explanations or is responsible for special formats such as films or graphics. This division helps to keep the attention of the audience high and relieves the main presenter during complex presentations.   

3. audience survey. While the main presenter remains on stage, the co-presenter can walk through the audience and use the handheld mic to ask individuals about their impressions and opinions.  

4. the co-facilitator at the flipchart. Especially at events where a larger audience discussion is expected or desired, information, ideas and opinions can be quickly noted on a flipchart by a second person. The main presenter and also the audience thus have the guarantee that no contribution is forgotten.      

If you plan to have a co-presenter for your next presentation, be sure to practice the interaction with your partner very carefully in advance of the event. Otherwise, you will quickly create a big mess on the stage. 

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