Buy PowerPoint Services cheap abroad – What you should pay attention to

External services related to PowerPoint can be purchased worldwide. The Internet makes it possible for companies to commission suppliers from Eastern Europe or India to create transparencies at unrivaled low prices. However, these PowerPoint services at a cheap rate have some serious disadvantages in addition to the cost advantage. We explain what you should consider before placing an order.

A number of winged words have been formed on favorable offers. This ranges from “stinginess is cool” to “if you buy cheap, you buy twice”. But how does it behave with PowerPoint services? Does it really always have to be the top German agency, or can’t a provider from Romania or India be entrusted with the work? The savings potential must be huge, right?! It was about a year ago when a client came to me to go over a proposal for a presentation. Right off the bat, he opened up to me that he had obtained a settlement offer and grinning, held out a letter from an Indian PowerPoint Services agency. The offer looked quite professional. However, the Indian costs were considerably lower than my own calculations. I would have clearly put money on it at these prices. I explained to my client that unfortunately our agency cannot offer serious work at the conditions of the Indian competition. He admitted that, but he could no longer be dissuaded from the seemingly irresistible offer from India. Two months later, I unexpectedly received an order from this customer under the terms of my old offer. I picked up the phone and inquired why he had not done business with the Indians after all. He replied somewhat meekly that he had indeed hired the Indian agency. But the vote would have been a single disaster. Somehow we would always have talked past each other. The first work results would then have led him to break off the cooperation.

PowerPoint Services, communication problems

Cultural differences in other parts of the world

In India, it is considered rather impolite to address problems directly. It starts with the fact that the briefing should leave no unanswered questions. However, an Indian interlocutor will hardly tell you bluntly that he did not understand the briefing conversation with you. Nor will he tell you that something can’t be done. This has nothing to do with dishonesty. As a PowerPoint services provider, you don’t tell your client that their timelines, technical requirements, or procedures can’t be met. People generally prefer to avoid conflicts.

Hierarchies within the service company

In Indian companies, strict hierarchies prevail. Short official channels are therefore not common. For example, your input is received by management and then passed down through department heads, division heads and team leaders until the employee performing the work is informed. In the process, important details can arrive only in fragments or be lost altogether. If you consider that a presentation goes through developments during its creation and changes have to be inserted, then such structures become a real challenge. Discussing and integrating idea developments during ongoing production will be very difficult to manage.

PowerPoint services from abroad – Our advice

If you want to work with a provider from Eastern Europe or the Far East, be sure to provide a detailed, unambiguous written briefing. You need to know exactly what you want and bring this very clearly to the point. Don’t assume that extensive creative proposals will come from your service provider. Ideally, he will implement exactly what you specify. In case you have a ready-made concept for your presentation that has been checked for its suitability, you can save money by hiring an affordable agency to complete the slides here. If quality is required because the presentation needs to convince an important target group, then you should consult a premium agency. There you will receive professional advice, creative experts, short official channels and flexible support. The high level that ensures truly first-class results simply cannot be achieved with a cheap offer.

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