Can your PowerPoint agency use Augmented Reality?

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Today, a good PowerPoint presentation does not only consist of a sequence of slides. The latest media formats and techniques are used to increase the success of a presentation. Good PowerPoint service providers know when and how a slide can be improved with high tech. The concept of Augmented Reality is particularly interesting, which in German means extended reality. The use of Augmented Reality helps your audience to absorb more information in less time with greater benefit.

If you are planning your next presentation, you should find out in advance which techniques you can already use for your messages today. Especially with company presentations, product presentations or sales presentations, it is important to convey the important messages reliably and to create positive emotions. Customers, influencers and decision makers should be convinced as well as possible. Especially the audience, which often sees presentations, is hardly impressed by a slide with text. This is where modern technologies such as augmented reality come in.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is about the technical extension of the perceived reality. Real and virtual worlds are connected with each other. In principle, augmented reality can mean all sensory perceptions. As a rule, the technology is applied in the field of vision. For example, a real image shown is used to display other images, text information, videos and graphics in real time. The application purposes range from information about the immediate environment, navigation faded into the field of vision to games.

Virtual reality or augmented reality – what is the difference?

Virtual reality refers to an interactive reality generated by computers. Through the artificial creation of images, sometimes also sounds, users can immerse themselves in virtual worlds. Modern digital technologies such as 3D software and corresponding technical equipment, for example, allow a 360-degree panoramic view in a virtual building whose original is thousands of kilometres away. There are video glasses and VR glasses, so-called head-mounted displays, which the user can put on to immerse himself in these virtual worlds. Virtual reality thus creates worlds that seem almost real, but are only technically created. Augmented Reality” belongs to the same subject area in a broader sense. But here the focus is on the expansion of the real world with additional information.

How to use Augmented Reality?

In augmented reality, additional digital information such as videos, images, text or 3D graphics are superimposed on a real image. Imagine, for example, the view plan of a large shopping centre, which shows the individual shops with homepage, free parking spaces on the site or information on the current schedules of the integrated cinema. Better known are sports broadcasts where times, positions or lines (offside display for soccer) are shown. The additional data enables the user to record specific as well as everyday processes in an optimized way and to carry out work processes in a time-saving way. This extended reality provides the user with additional information that can be quickly recorded. Jet pilots receive additional important data in real time through their glasses. This enables them to capture information that would otherwise not be accessible to their eyes. So when texts, infographics, images or videos are superimposed on a real image, we speak of augmented reality. Today, augmented reality is often used in everyday life, even if we are not always aware of it. Modern SLR cameras provide additional information in their viewfinders about focal lengths, exposure times, flash function, etc. to help the photographer to take good pictures. In all modern taxis, the current fare for the passenger is shown in the rear-view mirror.

Use Augmented Reality for your presentations

Augmented Reality offers an almost unlimited range of possibilities if you want to make additional information quickly accessible in a comprehensible way. For your own presentations you can use Augmented Reality to insert extensive information into your slides in a more comprehensible way, to inspire your audience with the use of the latest technology, or to integrate playful elements into your presentation. Ask your PowerPoint agency whether they have experience with the use of Augmented Reality. Your presentation will gain in quality and keep the attention of your audience for a long time. This technology can also be used very well as an eye-catcher at trade fairs. Good PowerPoint agencies have the necessary hardware and software to enrich your presentation with augmented reality. For particularly exclusive presentations with a limited number of participants, tablets can also be distributed to the audience in order to insert additional representational elements. Please also ask your agency if virtual reality glasses are available.

The higher your demands as a company or brand are for modern, contemporary solutions, the more important the use of augmented reality can be for the quality of your presentation. Use these modern solutions to convey your important information to your audience in a fast, comprehensive and entertaining way.

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