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Can your PowerPoint agency use Augmented Reality?

Today, a good PowerPoint presentation does not only consist of a sequence of slides. The latest media formats and techniques are used to increase the success of a presentation. Good PowerPoint service providers know when and how a slide can be improved with high tech. The concept of Augmented Reality is particularly interesting, which in […]

The perfect presentation – does such a thing even exist?

What makes a good presentation? Not only do these include excellent PowerPoint slides; they are just one part of a successful presentation. They have to adapt form and content to the target group again and again to achieve the greatest possible success. Presentation is an absolute key qualification today The ability to present convincingly is […]

The Presentation Booster method from Smavicon

Smavicon has developed a method how to create a successful presentation in four coordinated steps This gives you a compact guide to create an effective presentation in a short time. Learn more about the four phases of the Presentation Booster method. How do you start a presentation? Before starting to work on a professional company […]

Modern brain research helps optimize PowerPoint designs

Good PowerPoint agencies often use the latest scientific studies to further improve their work results. The main focus here is on the results of brain research regarding the effect of presentations. Which PowerPoint designs have a particularly appealing effect on the viewer’s brain and which ones less so? Can different layout variants generate certain emotions? […]

The most important guiding questions to prepare your presentation Part 3

Every beginning is hard. This is no different when preparing a successful presentation. There are important details to consider and many mistakes to avoid. To help you deal with the most important questions concerning your presentation, we have summarized the most important guiding questions for preparing a presentation for you in our small series. In […]