10 Must-Have slides for your PowerPoint business presentation

PowerPoint Unternehmenspräsentation

The PowerPoint business presentation is your company’s business card. Design and content show your own self-image, the degree of your professionalism and your persuasiveness. Craftsmanship flaws, ambiguities and content gaps cast a bad light on your company. You should definitely consider these 10 slides in your company presentation.

As a company, you need to present yourself competently and professionally to customers, investors and partners. It doesn’t matter whether you are a start-up, a small medium-sized company, a hidden champion or an international corporation. You must have an absolutely convincing company profile to score points with your target groups. However, creating a new powerpoint business presentation is no easy feat. You need to spend a lot of time and expertise to tailor a corporate presentation to the expectations, wishes and needs of your target groups, whether they are end customers or investors. What information is important? What additional information must the handout contain? 

Which slides belong in every PowerPoint Business presentation?

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of 10 PowerPoint slides for you to consider when preparing your next powerpoint business presentation. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to show each of the slides presented in a moment during your presentation. However, it is advisable to be prepared for potential questions and to provide an additional piece of information or two to your slide handout.

 1.     Vision And MISSION

Give investors the big picture of your company and tell them the reason for its existence by including a slide that clearly states your vision, mission, beliefs and values. Give them insight into where you want the company to be in the future. Where do you want to go, what goals do you want to achieve?

2.     Company history

Your company’s history is a measure of confidence in continuous good performance for potential investors and clients. For example, you can explain how your company has remained true to its founding values and yet continued to evolve amidst various challenges. Consistency, adaptability and steady success are important aspects for business relationships. 

3.     Business development

Show your company’s growth statistics from inception to today through a graphical representation. For example, you can illustrate the positive business development by increasing profitability, profits and market share.

4.     Your Market position

Information about your market position plays a crucial role in influencing perceptions and creating a unique brand image in the minds of your customers and investors. Therefore, a slide about current market share or awards and quality seals your company has received is especially valuable in your PowerPoint business presentation.

5.     Problems and Solutions

Before you present your products or services, you should first talk about your customers’ problems and challenges. Make it clear that you understand the market and can accurately analyze the problems of your target groups and their causes. Present your company not as a provider of a specific isolated solution, but also as a reliable partner for the development of different solution in your industry.

6.     Your Offer

Show that your products and services are the solution to customers’ problems, and explain the unique benefits that make your offerings better than the competition. These slides should really reach the “high-end” quality level. If your offering is not understood and the benefits are not captured, you can end your presentation at this point. You should provide compelling reasons why customers should choose your products and services or why investors should invest in your company.


It’s old marketing wisdom that customers are more likely to buy if they’ve read a trustworthy review. For this reason, collect testimonials from satisfied customers as early as possible. Get permission to publish them and use this effective form of advertising for your powerpoint business presentation. 

8.     Own Expertise

Show the audience that your company is made up of a team of true experts who give their all to achieve breakthrough success for their clients. Highlight the level of education and long experience of your top people. Customers, collaborators and investors should be convinced that they are working with the best people. 


Give your audience a sense of credibility by showing your real success stories through case studies. You can illustrate how your products and services have helped well-known companies compete in the market and make profits.

10.  Call to Action

Don’t rely on your audience to know what you want them to do anyway. Your entire presentation is incomplete without a slide that illustrates what you want the audience to do next. This could be signing a contract, touring a plant, making an investment decision, etc. In any case, establish a commitment that provides the next steps. 

Your PowerPoint business presentation says a lot about your company. The quality of this presentation determines how you will be perceived. If you have presented yourself as a likeable, competent company that solves its customers’ problems and is a reliable partner for customers and investors, you have achieved a lot. If your presentation has weak points, they will not remain hidden. In that case, you will destroy trust and will not leave a good impression on your audience. You should prepare the presented 10 slides in any case. Therefore, take a lot of care when creating your PowerPoint presentation. If in doubt, consult a PowerPoint agency to prevent weak points.